Monday, January 31, 2005

Frightening prospect

"When told of the exact text of the First Amendment, more than one in three high school students said it goes "too far" in the rights it guarantees. Only half of the students said newspapers should be allowed to publish freely without government approval of stories.

"These results are not only disturbing; they are dangerous," said Hodding Carter III, president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which sponsored the $1 million study. "Ignorance about the basics of this free society is a danger to our nation's future."

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UN says genocide not occurring in Darfur, Sudan

The ever-dependable United Nations has announced today that they do not believe that genocide has not been committed in Darfur, Sudan. Never mind the horrible consequences of not acting and ignoring genocide. (Remember what the UN said about Rwanda?) Didn't we go over this before, just a few days ago with the Auschwitz Liberation Memorial Day? But the United Nations is always right.

Even though "More than 70,000 people have been killed and two million forced to flee their homes in Darfur." and the "World Health Organisation has declared to be the world’s largest ongoing humanitarian emergency," lets forget it. The UN says we should, and they just know these sort of things.

HELLO? When has the UN done anything perfectly right?! As a whole, they have a track record that would be a disgrace were they anyone other than United Nations. WHY should we listen to them? United States of America! Listen to me! Impose sanctions regardless of the politically minded and ever ambitious UN.


Baghdad Mayor wants Statue of Bush


Sunday, January 30, 2005


Hillary is shocked by the news today..... (CLICK on Hillary photo to hear her scream)

Iraqis vote!
This is a great week! Iraq, the NEW Iraq, is free to vote.

Russian have more spies now in U.S. than during Cold War

Nixon Son-in-law may run in 2008
What do Guliani and Condi have to say about this?

Hillary "moving to center"
Who is surprised? She's been planning on the 2008 run since Bill was sworn in the first time....

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The creepiest thing of all......

Chimaera's---half human and half animal---are being formed. Even the thought of it sends chills up my spine. But its happened several times at major universities across the world. (Just last year at the Mayo Clinic, pigs were developed with human blood pumping through their arteries.)

What's wrong with it? One of the most basic problems would be that mutations would (not could) occur, transforming a virus only found in animals to a virus that humans could be susceptible to. The danger? Its common knowledge that the human body come across viruses every day, and that it is constantly building immunities to those viruses. But what happens if the body come across a virus that is completely new that its immune system has never encountered before? Lets just say, the results could be devastating to the world's population. Its happened before---thousands of American Indians died after Europeans brought new viruses that they had never been exposed to before. More recently, it is thought that SARS was originally a virus from cats or pigs that mutated into a form that humans could be susceptible to.

Enough ranting on my part. Here's the link to the full article by National Geographic.

"Maybe Later"

Good article from Washington Post.


IT TOOK only 60 years.

Sixty years after the world learned that bored Germans flung Jewish babies into the air for target practice at the Auschwitz death camp, our oily pals at the United Nations (news - web sites) have officially acknowledged the Holocaust.

Enjoy it quickly, because if yesterday was any indication, the anti-American, anti-Semitic rats infesting the banks of the East River — a species alternately known as the "French," "Germans" and "Libyans," among others — will forget the lessons of Auschwitz, or just insist the camp didn't exist.

Only one man spoke the truth about anti-Semitism.

But that man was not Israeli or American, but Italian. Who knew?

The U.N. yesterday took the unprecedented step of inviting concentration-camp survivors, liberators and the Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel for the purpose of shouting, "Never again."

Perhaps they should have whispered, "Maybe later."

Seats in the General Assembly were half-full. Jordan and Afghanistan were the only Arab governments whose reps spoke.

And then Marcello Pera, speaker of the Italian Senate, spoke up.

"We have an obligation to admit that anti-Semitism is still with us," Pera said. "Today, it also feeds on such subtle and insidious distinctions as are often made between Israel and the Jewish state, Israel and its governments, Zionism and Semitism. Or, it crops up when the struggle for life led by the Israelis is labeled 'state terrorism.' "

Even Europe's Constitutional Treaty cannot make reference to the continent's Judeo-Christian roots, he railed.

"If we believe that our core values are no better than others; if we start thinking that the cost of defending them is too high; if we give in to the blackmail or fear, then we have no more instruments to counter the anti-Jewish racism which continues to poison us than we have to counter the fundamentalist and terrorist racism which puts peaceful co-existence at risk."

Now political correctness prevents us from speaking the truth. How, then, will we prevent history from repeating itself?

Next year in Italy."

Chinese "liberty"

Article here.

Also, a Christian woman was recently beaten to death for handing out Bibles.
"China: Executed for Distributing Bibles
Brought to you by Voice of the Martyrs
When 34-year old Jiang Zongxiu went to her neighboring market last June in Guizhou Province, China. Along with her mother-in-law, Jiang went through the marketplace, taking opportunities to hand out Bibles and Christian literature and telling people about Jesus. Only this day they had an encounter with the Chinese police.
The two Christian women were handcuffed together and brought to the police station. They were interrogated throughout the evening of the 17th. The next morning they were sentenced by the Public Security Bureau (PSB) to 15 days incarceration for "suspected spreading of rumor and disturbing the social order."
Jiang and her mother-in-law knew the risk of spreading Christian literature in communist China. Both had been active in their church for more than 10 years and dared to go forth. Even when they were arrested, interrogated and sentenced to serve 15 days, they were willing to accept the consequences of their actions-all from a government that claims to have "freedom of religion."
But it was not enough for the PSB to arrest and beat these two Christian women for the crime of passing our Christian literature. In the afternoon of June 18th, Mrs. Jiang Zongziu was pronounced dead by the PSB office of Tongzi County. They claimed she died of "natural causes." The fact is she was beaten to death.
The Voice of the Martyrs has received video testimony from the surviving family, photos of Jiang body showing her bruised body, and a copy of the actual arrest document. All of this had to be smuggled out of China as the authorities continue to attempt to hide their systematic persecution of Christians. An international campaign is now under way on behalf of the surviving family.
Much of the world would like you to believe Christians are no longer persecuted. Sister Jiang's family would disagree." For more information, news updates, etc., visit

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Laser pointer arrests


Over the last several weeks, lasers have been directed into the cokpit of airplanes at airports. A few times however, they were pointed at a plane flying at 3,000ft, and tracked the plane. Now the FBI used the patriot act to arrest the pointer.

Is this a violation of the patriot act? The Constitution?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Elephants a huge help

Elephants working were others can't

Cool article. Since trucks can't get inland, the next logical step is an elephant!

Tsunami Scam


A woman donated money to a website she found claiming to be soley devoted to helping the tsunami survivors. Later, when surfing on eBay she noticed the domain name of the website that she donated to for sale on eBay.

Just be careful, stuff like this is far to common.

Iraqi Governor Assassinated

The governor of Baghdad and the region surrounding it was gunned down by assassins.

Its a crazy world.