Thursday, March 31, 2005

Pope recieves last rites

Pope recieves his last rites, again.

Wonder if a successor for his position will be choosen soon...

Activist Judges

The re-"interpretation" of the Constitution. Very interesting article worth discussing.

Marvin Olasky piece

"Loudmouth Leaders"
You know who they are, and they know who they are: Christian or conservative camera hogs beloved by media liberals pleased to broadcast the threatening image of right-wing would-be dictators.

The good news is that they care enough to show up at demonstrations. The bad news is that their belligerence alienates millions.

Fifteen years ago, while I was temporarily chairing meetings of pro-life leaders, I pleaded with the angry males to say no to interviews, and instead let beautiful pro-life women become the face for the movement. I didn't get much cooperation from those who wanted to build their mailing lists....."
read rest of column here

US, EU at odds over China arms sale

What do you think about this? Is the U.S. right?

Sorry I haven't been able to post much lately. Things have been hectic. I will try to be on here soon and make a few "controversial posts" so we can have fun arguing. :-)

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Barbara Bush Says Hillary Will Lose In 2008

This is interesting. What she is commenting on this for, I don't know, but she does speak truth!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ceasing Food and Fluid Can Be Painless

LA Times Online

Apparently starving is a pleasent death, and Terri will go out in a blaze of euphoria.

Why don't we execute criminals this way?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Freeze! I just had my nails done!

A column by Ann Coulter that I found very interesting. Your comments are welcome.

March 16, 2005

How many people have to die before the country stops humoring feminists? Last week, a defendant in a rape case, Brian Nichols, wrested a gun from a female deputy in an Atlanta courthouse and went on a murderous rampage. Liberals have proffered every possible explanation for this breakdown in security except the giant elephant in the room — who undoubtedly has an eating disorder and would appreciate a little support vis-a-vis her negative body image.

The New York Times said the problem was not enough government spending on courthouse security ("Budgets Can Affect Safety Inside Many Courthouses"). Yes, it was tax-cuts-for-the-rich that somehow enabled a 200-pound former linebacker to take a gun from a 5-foot-tall grandmother.

Atlanta court officials dispensed with any spending issues the next time Nichols entered the courtroom when he was escorted by 17 guards and two police helicopters. He looked like P. Diddy showing up for a casual dinner party.

I think I have an idea that would save money and lives: Have large men escort violent criminals. Admittedly, this approach would risk another wave of nausea and vomiting by female professors at Harvard. But there are also advantages to not pretending women are as strong as men, such as fewer dead people. Even a female math professor at Harvard should be able to run the numbers on this one.

Of course, it's suspiciously difficult to find any hard data about the performance of female cops. Not as hard as finding the study showing New Jersey state troopers aren't racist, but still pretty hard to find.

Mostly what you find on Lexis-Nexis are news stories quoting police chiefs who have been browbeaten into submission, all uttering the identical mantra after every public safety disaster involving a girl cop. It seems that female officers compensate for a lack of strength with "other" abilities, such as cooperation, empathy and intuition.

There are lots of passing references to "studies" of uncertain provenance, but which always sound uncannily like a press release from the Feminist Majority Foundation. (Or maybe it was The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, which recently released a study claiming that despite Memogate, "Fahrenheit 911," the Richard Clarke show and the jihad against the Swiftboat veterans, the press is being soft on Bush.)

The anonymous "studies" about female officers invariably demonstrate that women make excellent cops — even better cops than men! One such study cited an episode of "She's the Sheriff," starring Suzanne Somers.

A 1993 news article in the Los Angeles Times, for example, referred to a "study" –- cited by an ACLU attorney — allegedly proving that "female officers are more effective at making arrests without employing force because they are better at de-escalating confrontations with suspects." No, you can't see the study or have the name of the organization that performed it, and why would you ask?

There are roughly 118 million men in this country who would take exception to that notion. I wonder if women officers "de-escalate" by mentioning how much more money their last suspect made.

These aren't unascertainable facts, like Pinch Sulzberger's SAT scores. The U.S. Department of Justice regularly performs comprehensive surveys of state and local law enforcement agencies, collected in volumes called "Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics."

The inestimable economist John Lott Jr. has looked at the actual data. (And I'll give you the citation! John R. Lott Jr., "Does a Helping Hand Put Others at Risk? Affirmative Action, Police Departments and Crime," Economic Inquiry, April 1, 2000.)

It turns out that, far from "de-escalating force" through their superior listening skills, female law enforcement officers vastly are more likely to shoot civilians than their male counterparts. (Especially when perps won't reveal where they bought a particularly darling pair of shoes.)

Unable to use intermediate force, like a bop on the nose, female officers quickly go to fatal force. According to Lott's analysis, each 1 percent increase in the number of white female officers in a police force increases the number of shootings of civilians by 2.7 percent.

Adding males to a police force decreases the number of civilians accidentally shot by police. Adding black males decreases civilian shootings by police even more. By contrast, adding white female officers increases accidental shootings. (And for my Handgun Control Inc. readers: Private citizens are much less likely to accidentally shoot someone than are the police, presumably because they do not have to approach the suspect and make an arrest.)

In addition to accidentally shooting people, female law enforcement officers are also more likely to be assaulted than male officers — as the whole country saw in Atlanta last week. Lott says: "Increasing the number of female officers by 1 percentage point appears to increase the number of assaults on police by 15 percent to 19 percent."

In addition to the obvious explanations for why female cops are more likely to be assaulted and to accidentally shoot people — such as that our society encourages girls to play with dolls — there is also the fact that women are smaller and weaker than men.

In a study of public safety officers — not even the general population — female officers were found to have 32 percent to 56 percent less upper body strength and 18 percent to 45 percent less lower body strength than male officers — although their outfits were 43 percent more coordinated. (Here's the cite! Frank J. Landy, "Alternatives to Chronological Age in Determining Standards of Suitability for Public Safety Jobs," Technical Report, Vol. 1, Jan. 31, 1992.)

Another study I've devised involves asking a woman to open a jar of pickles.

There is also the telling fact that feminists demand that strength tests be watered down so that women can pass them. Feminists simultaneously demand that no one suggest women are not as strong as men and then turn around and demand that all the strength tests be changed. It's one thing to waste everyone's time by allowing women to try out for police and fire departments under the same tests given to men. It's quite another to demand that the tests be brawned-down so no one ever has to tell female Harvard professors that women aren't as strong as men.

Acknowledging reality wouldn't be all bad for women. For one thing, they won't have to confront violent felons on methamphetamine. So that's good. Also, while a sane world would not employ 5-foot-tall grandmothers as law enforcement officers, a sane world would also not give full body-cavity searches to 5-foot-tall grandmothers at airports. "

People arrested for trying to hydrate Schiavo

About a dozen people have been arrested for trying to hydrate Schiavo. Her parents say that she is fading quickly and could die any day.
Would you go as far as to try to sneak food and water to her?

It seems to me that this whole situation is pretty sick. One aspect that has hit me about it lately is that judges keep turning this down and have allowed her feeding tube to be removed, when it seems a majority of the American people don't want her to die.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shooting at school; 10 dead

Really sad story.
Article is written by a British paper, and blames the school shooting on America's lack of gun control laws.
What are your opinions? Should the U.S. have gun control?

Monday, March 21, 2005

Librarian sues Harvard

"Black Librarian alleges 'pretty girl' bias"

"As a jury was chosen Monday to decide her federal lawsuit, Desiree Goodwin said she's been rejected for 16 jobs at Harvard since 1999, when she completed her master's degree in library science after attending night classes at Simmons College for 4 1/2 years.Goodwin, 40, also has a master's degree in English literature, seven years of experience in the library of Boston College and another nine years as an assistant librarian at Harvard."I feel no matter how much education I achieved or how many contributions I made, there was nothing I could possibly do that would impress them so that they would open the door for me to allow me to advance," Goodwin said during a court recess. She said she was shocked when, in late 2001, her supervisor told her she would never be promoted at Harvard. In court documents, Goodwin said her supervisor told her she was "a joke" at the university's main library, where she "was seen merely as a pretty girl who wore sexy outfits, low cut blouses, and tight pants."She said after the conversation with her supervisor, she modified her appearance and wore more conservative clothing, but she continued to be turned down when she applied for better positions. Goodwin says in her lawsuit that she has suffered emotional distress and lost $150,000 in wages as a result of Harvard's failure to promote her since 1999.Harvard denies that it has discriminated against Goodwin. University spokeswoman Joe Wrinn would not discuss the case Monday, citing the impending trial. But in earlier interviews, Wrinn noted that Goodwin's case was dismissed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination."This case is without merit," Wrinn said just after Goodwin filed her lawsuit in 2003. "Gender and race were not factors."A jury of seven men and one woman was chosen to hear the case, with opening statements scheduled for Tuesday. At the encouragement of U.S. District Judge Joseph Tauro, lawyers for both Goodwin and Harvard huddled in the court hallways Monday to discuss a possible settlement. Neither side would comment."


Student arrested after pitching fit

"A 5-year-old girl was arrested, cuffed and put in back of a police cruiser after an outburst at school where she threw books and boxes, kicked a teacher in the shins, smashed a candy dish, hit an assistant principal in the stomach and drew on the walls."
"She's never going back to that school," the child's mother says, "They set my baby up."

An over reaction? Justified? Maybe.

Ward Churchill

Liar? Free speech? Does it matter?

Here's one side of the story--an argument on why the Colorado college that Churchill works for has the right to fire him.

Here's WORLD Magazine's view of the situation

This is a sensitive issue that deserves discussion.

Dallas crime rate again tops among largest cities

Ugh, not texas again....
So why is dallas passing smoking bans and trying to cut the police budget, when they have the highest crime rate in the nation????

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dean's latest scream

Now the DNC chairman, Howard Dean is just as eloquent as always....
""Keep it simple" is the key to the White House, failed Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean told members of his party from around the world last night.One major reason his party lost the 2004 race to the "brain-dead" Republicans is that it has a "tendency to explain every issue in half an hour of detail," Dean told the semi-annual meeting of Democrats Abroad, which brought about 150 members from Canada and 30 other countries to the Toronto for two days."

Hear Dean Scream.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Is this very different from Terri Schaivo's case?

"Doctors authorised a late abortion" for a baby who had a cleft lip and palate.
"Joanna Jepson, 28, now at St Michael's Church, Chester, but then a trainee vicar, found out about the procedure in 2002 when studying abortion statistics and suggested that it amounted to unlawful killing.

Yesterday Ms Jepson said: "While I'm disappointed about the CPS's decision to drop the case, I am pleased the case has raised the issue of late-term abortion and the plight of disabled babies in late-term pregnancy. It has exposed grave discrimination and I will be seeking legal advice."

Is this really any different from the Schaivo case? Look at the similarities: both the baby and Mrs. Schaivo are helpless to defend themselves; the baby was exterminated because of a handicap (that can be mended through surgery!) and Mrs. Schaivo's life is threatened because of a handicap (and there is some hope for rehab!).

Scott Peterson: Dead man walking

As you probably already know, Scott Peterson has been moved to death row.
Do you think the he deserves the death penalty, and/or do you believe the death penalty is a justifiable form of punishment?
Thought this might be an interesting discussion to have.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Idiocy never pays

QUINCY, Mass. - It's never good to fall asleep on the job, but when you're a robber the consequences can be severe. Police arrived at a CVS pharmacy early Tuesday morning to find Steven Jakaitis, 42, sleeping in his idling car with a nylon stocking over his head and a cap pistol in his pocket.
By his side was a note that read: "I have a Gun DO NOT Press any Alarms or let Custermors (sic) know Empty the All the register."
A customer called police after seeing Jakaitis, who was also wearing a black wig and a scarf. On the back seat of his car, officers found a plastic bag containing 36 unused hypodermic needles. He spoke incoherently after the officers woke him, Capt. Anthony DiBona said.
He never actually went into the store, police said.
At his arraignment Tuesday, Jakaitis pleaded innocent to attempted armed robbery, possession of a hypodermic syringe and receiving a stolen car. He was ordered held on $1,000 bail and ordered to appear for a pretrial conference on April 12.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Terri Schaivo

I just realized that we have not discussed Terri Schaivo and her case very much on this blog, and wanted to start the discussion.
If there is no further interference, her feeding tube will be removed this Friday. What are your opinions? Is it a right to life case or a right to death?

De Lay denies wrongdoing

"U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader Tom DeLay, admonished by his chamber's ethics committee last year, on Tuesday denied any wrongdoing in taking two foreign trips paid for by outside groups. "

Monday, March 14, 2005

Biased Media

"The annual report by a press watchdog that is affiliated with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism said that 36 percent of stories about Bush were negative compared to 12 percent about Kerry, a Massachusetts senator."

I would just like to say, "Duh!"

China passes Taiwan bill

Mar 13, 2005

Right on the heels of the earlier story, China seems intent on preparing for a war against taiwan.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Michael Schiavo rejects $1 million

WorldNetDaily: Michael Schiavo rejects $1 million

I think that offering the money is a bad idea. The first thought that popped into my mind was "selling a life" or slavery. The more I thought about it, it seemed like it was placing a dollar amount on a life, which should not be done. Overall a bad idea, but I am open for convincing.

800 missiles pointed at an island

Daily Times - Site Edition

China will have 800 missiles aimed directly at the Taiwanese by 2006.
For what purpose? "China’s annual sitting of parliament:“The national legislature is sure to fulfill the solemn mission to do a good job in enacting the anti-secession law.”"

Shee. That happened 150 years ago!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

How was Saddam captured?


A marine claims he was on the 20 man squad that captured Hussain. He also says it happened the day before the army said it did, and a soldier was killed by Saddam in the process. Interesting.

And they thought Abu-Garaib was bad r: "0"

The Jacksonville Sherrif office found a family of adopted kids, with the parents mistreating them. Ok, that might be an understatement.

"Chief Steve Weintraub of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said the parents told investigators that the boy was forced to sleep in a criblike cage with a wooden lid kept shut with chains and a lock because he had behavioral problems and was overeating at night. The crib was the size of a twin bed with locks that prevented its sides from being lowered"

Yup. They also have 3 other kids, and there has been no comment on them. In response, the sister of Mrs. Sullivan says:
" "They're painting a picture of my family as monsters, and they're not, they truly are not,"

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Man Ticketed For Selling Cookies With Daughter

- Man Ticketed For Selling Girl Scout Cookies With Daughter

Unauthorized cookie selling. Whats next? No more holiday wreaths for the boy scouts? "Unauthorized spreading of holiday cheer"

Teresa's back and she's gonna get in trouble....

Teresa Heinz Kerry says the election was hacked

But, of course, if Kerry had won the election, she would not be saying a single word about the supposed unreliability of voting machines.

Cronkite speaks truth


Walter Cronkite was interviewed on CNN, and said Rather should have stepped down long ago.

If you'll notice, this didn't happen with Tom Brokaw.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Man allegedly attacked by wife; wants her freed from prison

Interesting story. I don't know who to believe, quite honestly.

White House Approves Pass for Blogger

New York Times

Very interesting. Out with one Bush groupie and in with another. Could be a bad political descison.

Black boys separate classes

In the UK there is a new plan to help raise the grades of black boys in the public school system. They will be taught in another room, and pressure will be put upon them to make better grades. Also, if the child's father refuses to come to parents evening, they lose access to their son.

This is bizarre.

Here is the article.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Milking it for what its worth

Okay, in case you hadn't heard, there was an Italian being held hostage in Iraq. The Iraqis who were holding her, released her. She was in a car that was speeding toward a U.S. military checkpoint, when the U.S. military tried to signal for her car to slow down. The car's driver didn't get the point, so the U.S. military shot at the car, killing one and wounding another passenger.
Now the hostage is saying the U.S. military deliberately tried to kill her.
So, we did try to kill her. We didn't know it was her. We tried warning the car. They ignored, or did not see the warnings. Now there is a huge hoopla over it.


My take: I am going to attribute her behavior to the great trauma of her ordeal, not her own immaturity (though I am sorely tempted.) It sounds like she's trying to milk her ordeal for as much as she can get.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Chinese/U.S. relations have been in the news a lot lately...

Whoa. How warped is that! And this is coming from a country that slaughters prisoners to sell their organs.... Link.

U.S. companies deal with Chinese nuclear company. This is not good for American interests....not even close.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jewish group angry at Sen. Byrd

"A pair of Jewish groups accused Sen. Robert Byrd on Wednesday of making an outrageous and reprehensible comparison between Adolf Hitler's Nazis and a Senate GOP plan to block Democrats from filibustering. A GOP senator called for Byrd to retract his remarks...

Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said Byrd's remarks showed "a profound lack of understanding as to who Hitler was" and that the senator should apologize to the American people.

"It is hideous, outrageous and offensive for Senator Byrd to suggest that the Republican Party's tactics could in any way resemble those of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party," Foxman said....

The first criticism of Byrd came Wednesday when Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, issued a written statement.

"With his knowledge of history and his own personal background as a KKK member, he should be ashamed for implying that his political opponents are using Nazi tactics," Brooks said....

Brooks said his group's counterpart, the National Jewish Democratic Council, should condemn Byrd's comments. Ira Foreman, executive director of the Democratic group, declined to comment."

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dean calls Republicans "evil"

When is the party of tolerance ever tolerant?

"[Republicans] don't think tolerance is a virtue," Dean said, adding: "I'm not going to have these right-wingers throw away our right to be tolerant."

And concluding his backyard speech with a litany of Democratic values, he added: "This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good."