Monday, September 27, 2004

To draft, or not to draft, that is the question...

Okay folks, here we go. Gullible people are all fired up after a e-mail (a scam) says that Bush is pushing a bill that reestablished the draft. (article here)
But this is bringing back controversy about the draft. One New England teen was so scared that he shot himself, hoping to "avoid the draft", only to find out that there was no such thing.

Should we bring back the draft? Should women now be included in that draft?

Friday, September 24, 2004

Hostile Indians vs. Lewis and Clark

This brings up an interesting topic.
There is a group of history buffs reenacting the Lewis and Clark expedition. They were met with opposition by a group of American Indians who allegedly threatened to tip over the "Lewis" and "Clark"'s boat.
"How can we allow Lewis and Clark to tell our story when they're the ones who brought death and genocide to our people?", says Alex White Plume of the Pine Ridge Indian reservation.
Was Western expansion inevitable? More importantly, should we commemorate Lewis and Clarks expedition?

Monday, September 20, 2004

Media bias

To everyone who still thinks the media is unbiased:

Bush signed Form 180, allowing all records about him to be released. Kerry has refused to sign this form.
"...We have the great Vietnam hero, John Kerry, who will not release all of his records, and the National Guardsman, George Bush, has directed the release of all of his, and not a single big media reporter is interested. Not a single big media reporter finds this curious. Not one of them!"

Kerry admitted to war crimes. Do you hear the media complain about that? No. Bush missed a physical, and we hear nothing but how Bush "slacked off" during his National Guard service!
"John Kerry has admitted, he has admitted in Senate testimony, it's on film, it's on videotape, he has admitted to committing war atrocities. (audio) Am I right? He has admitted this. Let me ask you a question. If the left is intellectually honest about what they think about war, what's worse?...Having admitted committing atrocities -- shall I detail them? -- in torching villages, lopping off ears and limbs, these kinds of atrocities John Kerry admitted to committing. Now, let me ask you, does that not seem far more serious than missing a physical? Now, other than Tim Russert, I don't believe a single big media journalist has pressed Kerry on this. In fact, they try to give him a pass. In fact, they are saying that because he committed those atrocities, he understands the horrors of war and therefore is more qualified. Bush doesn't know beans about war. He missed a physical in the National Guard. These forged documents, my friends, the point here, the forged documents are only a small part of the brazen attempt by some in the media to manipulate the news. Let's look at the Abu Ghraib prison again. Kerry admits to atrocities. He admits to committing atrocities as a soldier in Vietnam, yet seeks to become president. Meanwhile, we get story after story trying to link Bush to the prison, when he had nothing to do with it. "Bush is worse, he missed a physical! Abu Ghraib!" Kerry will not sign Form 180, is hiding his medical record. Bush has done just the opposite. Kerry is stonewalling; Bush isn't. Bush has nothing to do with Abu Ghraib. Kerry committed atrocities and we don't hear about any of that, and of course if you want to keep going, Chappaquiddick hadn't hurt Kennedy at all with the liberal media. The Ku Klux Klan and Robert Byrd hasn't hurt Byrd at all with the mainstream media. Tom Daschle and his wife? His wife lobbies Congress. She claims not to lobby the Senate but everybody knows who she is. But Halliburton? Halliburton is a devil because Cheney once worked there, and now it's front and center again in the John Kerry campaign. Cheney has a pension from Halliburton and this proves that we went to Iraq because Cheney has ties to Halliburton, and Halliburton is overcharging, and that's why all of this is pointless, and we shouldn't have been doing it and... It's just idiocy. If there was an honest appraisal of the Democrat campaign, it would be, "Who stole the brains of the people at the top and transplanted them with the brains of a bunch of crocodiles?" It is just absolutely stunning to watch all this."

Quotes taken from a transcript from

Friday, September 17, 2004

Assault Weapons Ban

Should the Assault Weapons Ban be reinstated? Or is it a violation of the right to bear arms?

Since the ban has expired, the following guns can now be purchased in the U.S., though some of them are illegal to import into America:

AK-47 and all models of the Norinco, Mitchell and Poly Technologies Avtomat Kalashnikovs, designed in the former Soviet Union.
Uzi and Galil, both made by Action Arms Israeli Military Industries.
TEC-9, TEC-22 and TEC-DC9, manufactured by Intratec.
SWD M-10, M-11, M-11-9 and M-12. Based on the design of the MAC-10, their full-automatic cousin, these assault pistols are designed to fire many bullets over a wide area in seconds.
Street Sweeper and Striker 12 and other revolving cylinder semiautomatic shotguns.
Beretta AR-70 and SC-70, used by armed forces in a number of countries including Italy, Jordan and Malaysia.
Colt AR-15, the civilian version of the M-16 rifle that is the U.S. military's standard-issue rifle.
Several weapons manufactured by Fabrique Nationale, the FN-FAL, FN-LAR and FNC. The guns are used by the armed forces of more than 90 countries.
Steyr AUG, a rifle made in Germany." -link

Monday, September 13, 2004

So this is what they mean by 'Evolution'

In the Hindu nation of India, monkeys are the terrorists of the residental neighborhoods.
The government is finally responding to this attack, and put the monkeys in their place...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Thursday, September 09, 2004

The #1 Enemy of Terrorism is....

Terrorists are terrorism's worst enemy.....

Remember right after September 11 when Bush was pushing for military action from our allies? France and Germany didn't want to get involved militarily and it was all over the headlines....

Now, the rest of the world is being forced to face the threat of terrorism and join the U.S. in fighting it.
Russia recently had their own 9/11 and now have vowed to fight terrorism beyond its borders. Jakarta and Australia have more reason to hate terrorisim since the Australian Embassy in Jakarta was bombed.
So the world leaders didn't have enough guts to go into Afghanistan or Iraq and now their people are paying for it with blood.
Terrorism has become its own worst enemy by making enemies with potentially powerful countries.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hilarious pictures...

Some very...interesting pictures of John Kerry attempting to play football. I guess he never had a chance to learn how to throw a football at a prep school, or in France either for that matter!

French headscarf ban/French hostages discussion

Two French journalists in Iraq were taken hostage. Their captors say they will not give up the hostages unless the headscarf ban is lifted. No country should give in to terrorist threats, but France has not been very strong against terrorists lately (to put it lightly.) Even so, I think it will lose face if it allows the threat of terrorists to undermine the French government.
Also, this brings back the debate on the wisdom of the headscarf ban. Is it an attack on the religious liberty of the French? Tell me if I am mistaken, but I thought it was not only an Islamic headscarf ban, but a ban of Jewish yarmulkes and Christian crosses.
What do you think about the ban?

Click here for an article on the French hostages....