Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Media leans how to photoshop, Round I

Rush Limbaugh's site shows two examples of the media blowing some protests WAY out of proportion. One is of the "Grip Reaper" in front of the White House, and the other is of Al Sharpton and Cindy-disgruntled-liberal-mother-Sheehan.

Listen to his broadcast here.
See the article here.

9/11 memorial NOT to be a site for multi-cultural blather

Pataki Bars Museum From World Trade Center Memorial Site - New York Times:

"The I.F.C. cannot be located on the memorial quadrant,' Mr. Pataki said in a statement issued shortly before 5 p.m. That quadrant, at the southwest corner of the trade center site, contains the footprints of the twin towers. It is regarded by many as sacred ground, too hallowed for a museum dealing with 9/11 in the context of greater geopolitics and social history.

'There remains too much opposition, too much controversy over the programming of the I.F.C.,' the governor said, 'and we must move forward with our first priority, the creation of an inspiring memorial.' Mr. Pataki said he had instructed the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation to 'work with the I.F.C. to explore other locations.'"

Good. The Islamic terrorsits don't need to be memorialized in a location they destroyed to begin with.

Pataki has some spine. Yay.

Turkey accused of torturing mentally disabled

Turkey accused of torturing mentally disabled - Yahoo! News:
"'We have identified a practice of torture: the use of electroconvulsive treatments (ECT) without anaesthesia,' he told a news conference.

'We have found children in orphanages and rehabilitation centres tied down to their beds, denied medical treatment, left without rehabilitation and left without the support they need to get food to keep them alive.'"

And we are all concerned about Abu Grab????????
Lets get some perspective here folks!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Photo journal of a Soldier

WBAP News/Talk 820 - The News & Talk of Texas

Very cool pages, gives you some insight about what is going on over there. Chaplain (Major) Craig Combs from Denton, TX.
Combs, who is serving with the 56th Brigade Combat Team, 36th Infantry Division sent these in.

Check out #3, #6!

Decentralize and Network the Federal Government Now

Opinion from PC Magazine: Decentralize and Network the Federal Government Now: "Things would work more effectively with teleconferencing, and the Congress folks wouldn't be so hounded by lobbyists in a corrupting environment. Lobbyists would have to travel to the districts."

This guy usually comments on the PC world, but this is a pretty interesting idea. It does get the representatives closer to their constituants...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

New evolution spat in U.S. schools goes to court

New evolution spat in U.S. schools goes to court: "PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - A new battle over teaching about man's origins in U.S. schools goes to court for the first time next week, pitting Christian conservatives against educators and scientists in a trial viewed as the biggest test of the issue since the late 1980s.

Eleven parents of students at a Pennsylvania high school are suing over the school district's decision to include 'intelligent design' -- an alternative to evolution that involves a God-like creator -- in the curriculum of ninth-grade biology classes."

What is wrong with presenting 2 points of view? If one is more truthful then the other, then the students wil be able to decide. Or iis it that the evolution is the weaker theory of the two?

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hamas is a bunch of bloody liars. But we knew that.

My Way News: "GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Israel ordered ground forces to the Gaza border Saturday and threatened a 'crushing' response after Israeli towns were hit by the first major Hamas rocket barrage from the coastal territory since Israel's pullout two weeks earlier.

Israel also resumed airstrikes against Hamas targets, hitting several suspected weapons workshops, and imposed a blanket closure that bars all Palestinians from its territory."

Yes, pulling out of the Gaza Strip will grant peace and security... I think not. Isereal should just bulldoze each and every one of the paliestenians out of Isrealie land. Save a lot of lives in the long run.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Roberts passes the political gauntlet

BREITBART.COM - Just The News: "The official tally of 13-5 was anticlimatic, with the committee's 10 majority Republicans lined up solidly behind the conservative judge's nomination to the full Senate weeks in advance.

But the decision by three Democrats to join Republican efforts to make Roberts the nation's 109th Supreme Court justice outlined the division in the minority caucus over whether Democrats can, or should, mount even symbolic opposition to Roberts to send President Bush a message on his next Supreme Court nomination."

He's got a genius level IQ, and all the argueing was just a symbolic political nature. The democrats have no concern for their country, just their political power.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


BREITBART.COM - Just The News: "N. Korea Accuses U.S. of Plotting Attack
Sep 21 3:09 PM US/Eastern

Associated Press Writer

SEOUL, South Korea

In a second day of bluster after its disarmament accord, North Korea accused the United States on Wednesday of planning a nuclear attack and warned it could retaliate.

North Korea 'is fully ready to decisively control a pre-emptive nuclear attack with a strong retaliatory blow,'

Since then, however, the North's rhetoric has underscored its unpredictability and cast doubt on its commitment to the accord hammered out with China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the United States after four rounds of contentious negotiations stretching over two years.

North Korea said Tuesday it would not dismantle its atomic arms program unless Washington agreed to supply light-water nuclear reactors for generating electricity _ a condition the U.S. government has already rejected.

Their paranoid, they insane, and they don't want to give up their bing guns. Not that I would either...

Hurricane Rita

Hey, I didn't do much covereage on the Katrina storm because I didn't find it to terribly interesting, and you probably were inundaded from other sources with it. But, Rita is HUGE!! Just look at the satilite photo.

Makes you feel pretty small in comparison. Just think about how much larger the creator is.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

ABC News: Amid Katrina Chaos, Congressman Used National Guard to Visit Home

ABC News: Amid Katrina Chaos, Congressman Used National Guard to Visit Home: "Amid the chaos and confusion that engulfed New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck, a congressman used National Guard troops to check on his property and rescue his personal belongings — even while New Orleans residents were trying to get rescued from rooftops, ABC News has learned. "

Hehehe.. Wonder what he was taking from his house?

North Korea Demands Nuke Reactor From U.S.

BREITBART.COM - Just The News: "North Korea said Tuesday it would not dismantle its nuclear weapons program until the United States first provides an atomic energy reactor, casting doubt on its commitment to a breakthrough agreement reached at international arms talks.

The North insisted during arms talks that began last week in Beijing that it be given a light-water reactor, a type less easily diverted for weapons use, in exchange for abandoning nuclear weapons. The agreement reached at the talks' end Monday _ the first since the negotiations began in August 2003 _ says the six countries in the negotiations will discuss the reactor issue 'at an appropriate time.'

Both the United States and Japan, members of the six-nation disarmament talks, rejected the North's latest demand.

'This is not the agreement that they signed and we'll give them some time to reflect on the agreement they signed,' U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said"

They think their dealing with the clintons. Thank God they are not.

Up in the red flame of a bloated bureaucracy - News - EXCLUSIVE: UP IN FLAMES:
"'The FDA has recalled aid from Britain because it has been condemned as unfit for human consumption, despite the fact that these are Nato approved rations of exactly the same type fed to British soldiers in Iraq.

'Under Nato, American soldiers are also entitled to eat such rations, yet the starving of the American South will see them go up in smoke because of FDA red tape madness.'"

And this is why letting the federal government work in a disaster area is a bad idea. Let the state an local officialls do their job, they are closer to the problem. If they need assistance, then more funding can come, but not a direct involvement a IDIOTIC AGENCY that will not use these rations, or even stockpile them for a later emergency.
Fragging feds... This is about the same food we feed our soldiers, and it is Unfit for consuption??

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Croatian Zoo Features Humans Exhibit

Yahoo! News

This is retarded. Two separate cages, one with natural materials, and the other with essentially a couch potato. The natural one is labeled "good" and the potato is labeled the "Most dangerous creature on earth"

This is about as nuts as wanting to count the chimps in the US census....

(Thanks to Liz for sending me this)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Senate Approves $16.4 Billion Budget for NASA

"The U.S. Senate approved a $200 million budget increase for NASA Thursday, giving the U.S. space agency most of the funding it needs to get started on a new lunar exploration plan to be unveiled Monday."

Yay. Lets roll.

Clinton Global Initiative

What do you do when you've been president, wrote a 903 page book, and built your library?
You try to solve world poverty, global warming, injustice, and other small issues through a Kyoto protocol type system.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Let's stay in the Lone Star State

Some of the Uprooted Won't Go Home Again: "HOUSTON, Sept. 15 -- Fewer than half of all New Orleans evacuees living in emergency shelters here said they will move back home, while two-thirds of those who want to relocate planned to settle permanently in the Houston area, according to a survey by The Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health."

Who wouldn't want to stay in texas, rather then returning to the liberal run poverty stricken mess of the "big easy".

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Disgruntled man nearly grenades an airplane.

Chicago Tribune

Wow. A man in a wheel chair and his son hijacked an airplane, trying to recieve compensation for an injury he recieved in a drug raid years ago.

So this is how we win the war on terror: We export the liberal mentality of entitlement!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Iraqi, U.S. troops offensive meeting with success (No Suprise)

Iraqi, U.S. troops find bomb factory / 15 suspected rebels killed in military attack on town: "The government's upbeat assessments were reflected in the footage on state-controlled television. Iraqis often criticize the nascent armed forces for firing their weapons wildly into the air. But on Sunday night, Al-Iraqiya showed Iraqi soldiers in desert camouflage uniforms alertly marching through deserted Tal Afar neighborhoods and calmly guarding a group of about 20 suspected insurgents.

The station showed a demonstration of about 150 people of Tal Afar holding banners declaring: 'We call on the government to kick out terrorists from Tal Afar.' One young man told a television interviewer, 'What we want from the Iraqi government is to kill those terrorists.'"

Haha. There is good news folks! Just look through the gloom, and we're having success.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Let's Roll

Today, September 11, 2005, marks the 4 year mark of the terrorist attacks that startled our nation to it senses, reawakened the warrior spirit in our military and nation, and was the cause of the United States opening salvo in the War on Terror.
There were 4 planes hijacked 4 years ago, 1 fought back. Their willingness to sacrifice their own lives saved others. With the statement "Lets Roll", they struck a blow for America and became martyrs for freedom.\

Lets not forget why we fight.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

US and Iraqi troops attack insurgent stronghold

IOL: US and Iraqi troops attack insurgent stronghold: "US and Iraqi troops swept into the insurgent stronghold of Tal Afar early today, conducting house-to-house searches and battering down walls with armoured vehicles in a second bid to clean the city of militant fighters.

South of Baghdad, Police made yet another gruesome discovery, uncovering the bodies of 18 men who had been handcuffed and shot to death.

“Two days ago gunmen in police uniforms broke into their houses in a Shiite neighbourhood of Iskandariya,” said police Capt. Adel Kitab said.

Iskandariya is 30 miles south of Baghdad. Dozens of bodies, apparently killed in summary executions in growing tit-for-tat vengeance killings by Shiite and Sunni “death squads” have been reported in recent weeks.

In the capital, Baghdad International Airport – the country’s only reliable and relatively safe link to the outside world – reopened early today after a day’s closure in a payment dispute between the government and a British security company.

London-based Global Strategies Group said it had agreed to return to work after the government promised to pay 50 percent of what the company said it was owed.

Iraq police said two mortar shells were fired into the Green Zone that houses the US Embassy, the Iraqi parliament and government offices. There was no word on casualties or damage.

In the Tal Afar offensive, expected for weeks, coalition forces initially faced several hundred lightly armed insurgents in the largely deserted city, 260 miles north-west of Baghdad and about 60 miles east of the Syrian border.

There was heavy gunfire in the Sarai district – the oldest part of the city and the major insurgent headquarters.

“I can see why the terrorists chose this place for a fight, it’s like a big funnel of death,” Sgt. William Haslett of Rocklin, California, said of the twisting streets and alleys in the old city."


Friday, September 09, 2005

Funny story

Secretaries sacked after cyber brawl | NSW/ACT | Breaking News 24/7 - (08-09-2005)

Two secretaries in Sydney, Australia, were fired after they started an e-mail catfight that swept the company. The two, who took an argument over a stolen ham lunch into "you can't keep a boyfriend" territory, were fired for misusing corporate e-mail. The ham thief got off scot-free. ..
-'s take on the whole deal.

Moral of the Story: Don't insult your cooworker over email, everyone else will read it.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

We're Americans

Marvin Olasky: Katrina and American individualism

""I am absolutely disgusted," said Sajeewa Chinthaka of Sri Lanka. "After the tsunami, our people, even the ones who lost everything, wanted to help the others who were suffering." The problem, some said, was "American individualism," with folks acting selfishly.

Thats the largest load of hogwash I've heard in a long time. After the Tsunami, it was a different area. Most of it was wiped clean, and not much was left to even fight over.
Then in America, right after the storm hit we had folks in there helping out.


Monday, September 05, 2005

Major changes for the Court

Cheif Justice Renquist doesn't want to hand over his power until the very end, and so now the court only has 8 alive members.

President Bush nomitates John Roberts to fill his spot, and searches for another O'connor replacement.

Personally, Antonnie Scoliea would be an AWSOME Cheif Justice, but Bush really likes Roberts.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Boeing production grinds to a halt as workers strike


What a pack of idiots. Are they trying to loose their jobs? Boeing is haveing a hard enough time without haveing its work force go on strike, making you company go bankrupt isn't going to help you.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Science News Article |

Science News Article |

"To make more fuel available in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Bush administration said on Wednesday it will waive certain air pollution regulations for gasoline and diesel in all 50 states.

The temporary easing of regulations will end on September 15, said Stephen Johnson, head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

'This action will result in an immediate increase in fuel supply. These waivers are necessary to ensure that fuel is available throughout the country,' Johnson told reporters."

YaY!! Lets make it permanent!
Wonder how much of an effect this will acctually have, and how much of the recent increase is due to a bunch of folks price gouging.