Saturday, December 31, 2005

Best of 2005

War on Terror
Afganistan is well free of the Taliban, and the warlords that tore the country apart for years are now groveling at the feet of the new democratic government. In Iraq, truly free elections have taken place for the first time is centuries (Purple fingers anyone?). The terrorists (who are commonally known as insurgents in the anti-american circles) have been routed in Fallugah, and a new constitution has been approved. In other areas, surgical strikes have taken out leaders, and arms caches.

US Economy
A record setting year for the capitalistic economy of the United States. Record housing sales, record construction, new Gross Domestic Product hights, and Wall Street has been steadly on the rise. The irrepressable american spirt is on the move once again.

Space Shuttle flys again
The Space Shuttle Discovery again place american's beyond the earth, and replenishing the ISS.

US citizens response to Hurricanes
More money was given to the hurricane victems then any other time in american history. The outpouring of america was astouding, and despite the tales of woe given by the partisan press, the survivors surely felt the love of america.

Howard Dean made DNC chairman
This is sooo awsome. Now that the real controlers of the party are visible, we will see a major downslide of the democrate party. By saying things like "The republicans are a White Christian Party" and other insultory remarks, Dean is doing nothing ot further his party's agenda. And as Jimmy Johnson says "If your not improving, your unimproving".

Cindy Sheehan
The same story as Dean. When Sheehan calls the President of the United States a "Bastard", then it does nothing to help them in the minds of the americans, and in all likelyhood, is extreamly damaging politically.

John Roberts
An astute choice for the Chief justice of the Supream court, John Roberts is a conservative with one of the greatest legal minds of our time. Bush made the right choice with him, and by replacing Miers with Alito.

Peace in China? Not on your life...

DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2005®: BEIJINGG Chinese President Hu Jintao reiterated China's strong commitment to peaceful development in his New Year Address broadcast Saturday to domestic and overseas audience via state TV and radio stations.

'Here, I would like to reiterate that China's development is peaceful development, opening development, cooperative development and harmonious development,' Hu said.

'The Chinese people will develop ourselves by means of striving for a peaceful international environment, and promote world peace with our own development,' Hu said in the address broadcast by China Radio International, China National Radio and China Central Television.

He said the Chinese people are willing to join with peoples of all nations in the world to promote multilateralism, advance the development of economic globalization toward common prosperity, advocate democracy in international relations, respect the diversity of the world and push for the establishment of a new international political and economic order that is just and rational.

He pledged that China will adhere to its fundamental national policy of opening to the outside world, continue to improve the investment environment and open the market, carry out international cooperation in a wide range of areas and seek to attain mutual benefits and win-win results with all countries in the world.

He mentioned in particular that China will do its best to help developing countries accelerate development and help people suffering from war, poverty, illnesses and natural calamities in the world."

Ok, lets start with Humanrightss violations. How about allowing more then one child per household? Or how about the imprisonmentt and torture of political prisoners? Or the slave labor camps, where Christians and Muslims are forced to work as manufacturing employees? Or maybe they should allow a little more freedom of speech, both on the internet, and in publications.
And constantly threatening tawian is a great way to encourage world peace.

Another bundle of lies from Asia.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Space Tourism: The Rules are here!

The Bellingham Herald: "WASHINGTON (AP) -- Regular tourist trips into space are still a thing of the future, but the government is getting ready for the eventual liftoff.

More than 120 pages of proposed rules, released Thursday, governing the future of space tourism touch on everything from medical standards for passengers to preflight training.

They spell out qualification and training requirements for the crew, and mandate training and informed consent for the 'space flight participants' - known in more earthly terms as passengers.

The proposal does not include specifications for the space vehicles themselves."...
"The 123-page FAA proposal was published in the Federal Register, the government's daily publication of rules and regulations, and will be subject to public comment for 60 days, through Feb. 27. Final regulations are expected by June 23."

Glad to know the Government is working on the important things in the world. No, seriously! I'm sure Richard Branson of Virgin Space Flight is estatic to know there are rules concerning an industry that has yet to happen in the private sector!

And who says the US Government owns space? The entrapeneurs trying to make a livng could just carry the rockets across the border into Canada, Puerto Rico or Mexico, and then launch without the regulations.
If they over regulate such a new industry, they run the risk of it never taking off, in the US at least.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

9/11 Loans Weren't to those that qualified

BREITBART.COM - SBA: Many That Got 9/11 Loans Weren't Hurt: "Most companies interviewed about the government-backed Sept. 11 loans they received have told investigators they weren't hurt by the suicide attacks and didn't know they were getting terrorism assistance, an internal government investigation found. The Small Business Administration's inspector general also reported Wednesday that lenders who doled out billions of dollars in such loans failed 85 percent of the time to document that recipients were actually hurt by the terrorism attacks and therefore eligible for the federal aid.

The IG, the agency's internal watchdog, concluded only nine loan recipients in the 59 cases sampled appeared to be qualified for the special disaster loans. The report said SBA officials told lenders they would not be questioned on how they gave out money."

Not much to say, just more bloated government ineffeciency.

NBC on top of Network news

News: "NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - More than a year after he took over the anchor chair and with more than nine months without permanent competition from either rival, 'NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams' closes out the year with a quarterly win among evening newscasts. "

Thats cool. Brokaw was my favorite anchor, and Wiliams is probably the best of the networks. That, and not having a permant rival, puts them in first place.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Top 5 movies of the year

Hey, I usually don't cover entertainment news, but like most people, I enjoy the movies. It's also said you can tell a lot about a person by the kinds of movies they like, so this might be a look at myself.

1. Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith
Release: May 19th, 2005
Rating: PG-13

US Gross:
Plot: The greatest Jedi of the Clone Wars, Anikin Skywalker turns to the dark side to find a cure for his wife, Padme Amidala. The Chancellor of the Republic is revealed to be the Sith Lord, and the Jedi try to remove him from office. They fail and nearly the entire Jedi Order is destroyed. Yoda confronts Darth Sideous, and Obi-Wan Kenobi travels to Mustafar to take out Anikin Skywalker, his former apprentice and one-time best friend. Obi-Wan cripples Anikin, but Anikin survies with the help of a bio-mechanical suit. With the Jedi destroyed, the Sith have control of the galaxy, and Darth Vader rises from the ashes to become the terror of the classic trilogy.

This was a movie I had been waiting a long time for. Quite possibly the best of the Star Wars series, it had everything I was hoping for. The story was excellent, the fighting was incredible, and the emotions were real. (Mostly, anyways) The droids were back in character, with R2-D2 delivering and impressive performance. General Greivous was well done, and a c
redible threat to Obi-Wan. The sound effects were incredible, it just makes the world seem real. John Wiliams also turned in an incredible soundtrack, capturing the spirit of the movie, as well as providing suspense and action to the sences that needed it. ROTS also tied the strings between the Prequels and the classic trilogy. The acting was much improved, and the CGI was some of the best ever. George Lucas's epic story has come to a close, and did so with a wonderful ending.

2. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Release: December 9, 2005
Rating: PG
US Gross: (Still counting, over 76,000,000)
Plot: The
Pevensie children, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are sent to the english countryside during WWII. Lucy finds the door to Narnia, and the others soon follow. Edmund betrays the rest to the White Witch, Jadis, who holds narnia in an iron fist. However, not all is lost, as Aslan has returned to Narnia, and an army of the good creatures are with him. The Sons of Adam take the field of command, and valiently fight Jadis. Aslan brings reinforcements, and destroys Jadis.

I have loved this story since I read it when I was 6, and the movie fulfilled each expectation. The characters were great, the battles were superior to even the Return of the King, and the creatures were incredible. Aslan himself was voiced by Liam Nesson, who did a great job giving a depth to the character. The Bevers were just totally cool, and a well nigh perfect representation of the book's bevers. Jadis was the evil one, and her character was flawless. There was one scene, in which Jadis just casually turns a butterfly to stone, that just showed her evilness. The visuals were incredible, and the props just looked real. The soundtrack was lacking, but the sound effects themselves were excellent. This was the movie I wanted to see. If it hadn't been the same year as Star Wars, it would have been the best movie of the year.

3. Batman Begins
Release date: July 15, 2005
Rating: PG-13
US Gro
ss: $205,343,774
Plot: Bruce Wayne's father is killed, sending him on an anger spree in asia, fighting petty criminals. He is taken in by Ra's Al Guhl, the leader of the League of Shadows, a ninja group that claims to have effected world history, even bringing the fall of rome. After alienating the League, Bruce returns to Gotham to take out the crime lords of the city. He gets a bunch of super spiffy equipment, and beats up a bunch of people. The city water system is poisened with a mind altering agent, that is released by steam. So, the league microwaves the water system, and Batman must stop Ra's Al Guhl from destroying the Wayne Induistry's headquarters, and the city with it.

The Darkest Knight returns, and it was great. This is the only movie here that I didn't see in theaters. The DVD version was great. The acting was great, the fights above a
verage, and the story was not typical of a comic book movie. The sound track was great, I need to find it somewhere. Batman would probably earn my 2nd place, except that the character of Scarecrow was just unbelievable of a lot of levels, and the deal with Rachael was confusing. Otherwise, great movie.

4. War of the Worlds

Release Date: June 29, 2005

Rating: PG-13
US Gross:
Plot: Ray Ferrier is a divorced dock worker, and has custody of his kids, Robbie and Rachael for the weekend. Robbie is a hateful teenager, and Rachael does not know what to think. The aliens hatch there plan, and begin taking over earth. Ray tries to protect the children. Because of the shields, the alien machines are
invulnerable to harm. They are destroyed because the aliens get diseased and die.

I was looking forward to this movie ever since I saw the prieview in the Yahoo Instant Messenger window while chatting with Hannah Beth of Sold Out . I was looking for more fighting, and battle. but what I got was an excellent look at a dysfunctional family, and a father trying his aboslute hardest to protect his family, and the entrie freaking world going against him. The story was engrossing, and drew me in from the first couple of minutes. The special effects were simply the absolute best I have ever seen, and the sound effects were matching. The sound track was good, and gave the story a lot of expense. However, while I loved the story, it's painful to watch because you can feel the emotions. I guess that means Speilberg did his job, and it's a great movie.

5. Madagascar

Release date: May 27th, 2005
Rating: PG
US Gross: $193 million
Plot: A bossy lion, a practical hippo, a paranoid giraffe, and a spunky zebra are given the idea of escapeing the zoo by a couple of psycho penguins. They are exported to another
zoo, but the ship is taken over by the penquins, who turn to set sail for antartica, and empty the cargo near madagascar, including our favorite funny animals. They then adjust to life on the island.

I was looking forward to this movie, just because it was sooo funny in the trailers. It was still funny in the movie, but the plot was weak, and some of the humor was pretty crude. Never the less, I laughed about the entire time, and the penguins were hilarious.

Well, that wraps up my top 5 movies. If you have another nomination for 5th, post it.
Munich may find a place on this list, once I see it. Possibly King Kong, but I doubt it.

Year in Review, I

Hey, the year is coming to a close, so We'll be posting a look back at the year.

Some topics:
Best Decisions
Worst Decisions
Entertainment review
Some odd stories
A compilation of the Undeniable Truths in Life

Stay 'tooned!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Venting, Round 1

Update 22: Senate Defeats ANWR Drilling, Saves Cuts - "
Senate Republicans said they expected the House to approve a $493 billion defense spending bill - shorn of the ANWR provision - on Thursday. Ditto for the Patriot Act extension.

But Democrats in the House said they would not agree to speed action on the deficit-reduction bill they voted against unanimously earlier this week.

The House approved the measure in the pre-dawn hours of Monday, but the Democrats' leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, said she will insist it be re-examined 'in the light of day' the next time. That's likely to be in February. "

Obstruction, just plain out obstruction of our country's system, and a reckelss, destructive hate of all things republican, is what this is. The idiots in the senate, both democrat and moderate, are going to ruin this country if this keeps up.

The patriot act could have been renewed, the new defense bill INCLUDING ANWR WHICH WAS REMOVED LAST NIGHT, WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING, could have been passed. But Noooooooo, the democrats say that until there palty 3 month extension of the patriot act is passed, they won't play ball with the senate.


And the republicans that are blocking the patiot act in the senate are even more damaging, because they are against there constituints, and just encourageing the democrates.
There names:
Larry Craig (R-ID)
Chuck Hagel (R-NE) (always a RINO)
Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
John Sununu (R-NH)
*Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) changed his vote at the last moment when he saw the NAYs would win. This allows him to call for a new vote at any time.

Remember those names folks.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lessons of 25 years Michael Barone: Lessons of 25 years (12/26/05): "Twenty-five years ago, in December 1980, Jimmy Carter was serving his last full month in office and Ronald Reagan was president-elect. More than 50 Americans were being held hostage in Iran--an act of war by the revolutionary mullahs. The Soviet Union was on the march in Afghanistan. The American economy was finishing a decade of high inflation and sluggish growth at best--stagflation. The past three presidents had been repudiated: Richard Nixon in 1974, Gerald Ford in 1976, and Jimmy Carter 1980.

Experts preached that America's best days were behind it, counseled that we seek accommodation with the Soviet Union, and urged nations of the avaricious North to share their wealth with nations of the deserving South. Low-inflation economic growth was no longer possible."

Doom and gloom predictions, sounds famliar? (Essespially from the Left).

"What are the lessons of the past 25 years?

First, that American military power can advance freedom and democracy to all corners of the world.
Second, that markets work and that lower taxes and less onerous government produce more economic growth than the alternative.
Third, that politics and effective government can..change the culture."

1. Ours is a world governened by the aggressive use of force, and the American military is the most powerful army in the world.
2. Freedom creates prosperity.
3. The government can effect the culture in a negative way much easier then positivly, but the posibility for a positive change still exists. Mostly by stepping out of the way, and also in the eductation system.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Myths About Drilling in ANWR - Views - Heritage Foundation - Myths About Drilling in ANWR: "We’re talking about 10 billion barrels of domestic oil located in an area with a proven track record for environmentally responsible drilling. Yet a host of tall tales from environmental activists and like-minded journalists has made it a tough fight in Washington.

Congress is currently deciding whether to add ANWR drilling to the defense appropriations bill. Given the continued high oil prices and political turmoil in many oil-producing nations, now might be the best chance to get ANWR done. But it will happen only if the ANWR myths are exposed..."

Wonderful article, consise and to the point. I wish congress would get their collective heads together and open the land for drilling.

Enviromental Damage: (HA!)
" the caribou herd that migrates through Prudhoe Bay has increased from 3,000 to 23,000 since drilling commenced there in 1977."

Friday, December 16, 2005

US House votes to wall up part of the Mexico border

US House votes to wall up Mexico border - Yahoo! News: "The 260-159 voice vote on an amendment to a bill on illegal immigration 'mandates the construction of specific security fencing, including lights and cameras, along the Southwest border for the purposes of gaining operational control of the border.

'Fencing has been designated in sectors that have the highest number of immigrant deaths, instances of drug smuggling and illegal border crossings,' because of the large number of would-be immigrants who die in the desert attempting to cross the US border."

Only part of the border is being blocked, but this is a huge step forward for us.

Terror thoughts

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Paris raid nets arms haul: "French police said yesterday they had found explosives, detonators and guns stashed in a suburban Paris garage in swoops this week that have netted 28 suspected Islamist militants, apparently with links to al-Qaida in Iraq.

Interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy said that questioning suspects detained on Monday had led to arms seizure in Clichy-sous-Bois, outer Paris, on Wednesday. 'A certain number of terrorists, in order to finance their activities, are involved in organised crime,' Mr Sarkozy said, appearing to confirm earlier reports that the gang raised cash through armed robberies rather than carrying out terrorist attacks.

Among arms found were a kilo of TNT, 19 sticks of dynamite, 10 standard detonators - one capable of being set off by remote control - fuses, rifles, bulletproof vests, and French gendarmerie and special forces uniforms, police said."

Your probably already thinking this, but that is enough stuff to do a TON of damage. You also might be thinking, "Hey, the French did this?". Here's another thought, France. Those weapons were likely aimed at you, despite the policy of capitulation. The Boston Globe reports that "...the suspects had used robberies to fund potential terror groups, possibly including movements tied to Al Qaeda in Iraq."

So maybe the insurgents aren't insurgents after all, and just terrorists having to fight in their backyard, rather then ours.

So, the war on terror continues, and we are not losing. (I'll bet you won't see this story anywhere else though).

Iraqis Vote in freest Arabic elections ever

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Millions of Iraqis Vote in Relative Peace: "BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Millions of Iraqis, from tribal sheiks to entire families with children in tow, turned out Thursday to choose a parliament in a mostly peaceful election - among the freest ever in the Arab world.

So many Sunni Arabs voted that ballots ran out in some places. The strong participation by Sunnis, the backbone of the insurgency, bolstered U.S. hopes that the election could produce a broad-based government capable of ending the daily suicide attacks and other violence that have ravaged the country since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Up to 11 million of the nation's 15 million registered voters took part, election officials estimated, though they had no official turnout figure."

That is a HUGE number of people. Later in the article, they show some nice quotes from bitter people, who were privliged under Sadam's reigiem, but are now leveled with the rest of the nation. The AP knows how to follow bunny trails in their articles.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Preliminary Voting Begins in Iraq - U.S. & World - Preliminary Voting Begins in Iraq: "BAGHDAD, Iraq — The Iraqi government announced strict border measures, domestic travel restrictions and a nighttime curfew as preliminary voting began for that country's first constitutional parliament since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Soldiers, patients and prisoners lined up and cast their ballots at select polling stations across the country Monday, days ahead of the Dec. 15 date when the rest of the country will go to the polls. At one Baghdad hospital, patients cast their ballots from their sick beds.

Beginning Tuesday, the borders will be closed to non-essential traffic, a nighttime curfew will be extended in various places and checkpoints will be put in place to limit domestic travel, the Iraqi government said."

Yay!! Maybe they won't try to disenfranchise the miltary voters, unlike the Gore campaign in 2000.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Chinese protestors shot, Martial Law in provence.

Chinese Villagers Describe Police Siege - Yahoo! News:
"BEIJING - Residents of a southern Chinese village near Hong Kong where police opened fire on demonstrators described a tense standoff in the area on Saturday with thousands of armed troops patrolling the perimeter and blocking anyone from leaving. Frightened villagers said they were either hunkering down at home or arguing with police who are refusing to return the dead to their families.

Residents said police opened fire on a crowd of thousands protesting against inadequate compensation offered by the government for land to be used for a new wind power plant. Up to 20 were killed, villagers said, while some said dozens more were missing.

The clash in Dongzhou also marked an escalation in social protests that have convulsed the Chinese countryside over land seizures for factories, power plants, shopping malls and other projects. Farmers often say they are paid too little and some accuse officials of stealing compensation money."

And so you have the totalitarian Upper class against the poorer then dirt lower class. Guess who wins?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

House Passes 3 Tax Cuts, Plans a 4th

House Passes 3 Tax Cuts, Plans a 4th: "The House passed three separate tax cuts yesterday and plans to approve a fourth today, trimming the federal revenue by $94.5 billion over five years -- nearly double the budget savings that Republicans muscled through the House last month.

GOP leaders portray the tax bills -- for the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast, affluent investors, U.S. troops serving in Iraq and taxpayers who otherwise would be hit by the alternative minimum tax -- as vital to keeping the economy rolling.

'Our economic policies have done the trick,' said Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-Ohio). 'We are in the middle of one of the strongest economies this country has ever seen.'"

Later in the article, the post tries to explain how tax cuts harm fiscal dicipline...

Now if we could keep these tax cuts, and abanon the program to give the nation TiVo, and ditch the farm subsidies, we'd be great.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Breaking: Air Marshalls Defend Miami Airport

BREITBART.COM - Airline Passenger Who Made Threat Killed: "MIAMI - A passenger who claimed to have a bomb in a carry-on bag was shot and killed by a federal air marshal Wednesday on a jetway to an American Airlines plane that had arrived from Colombia, officials said. No bomb was found in the bag, a U.S. official said. Homeland Security Department spokesman Brian Doyle said the dead man was a 44-year-old U.S. citizen. It was the first time since the Sept. 11 attacks that an air marshal had shot at anyone, he said.

According to a witness, the man frantically ran down the aisle of the Boeing 757 while his wife tried to explain that he was mentally ill and had not taken his medication.

The passenger indicated there was a bomb in his bag and was confronted by air marshals but ran off the aircraft, Doyle said. The marshals went after him and ordered him to get down on the ground, but he did not comply and was shot when he apparently reached into the bag, Doyle said."

Good shot. After those British officers took a guy down with 4 head shots, the Marshalls had this guy down real fast too.
Apparently, the wife said he was bi-polar, and had maniac depression. Now, what that has to do with running through an air plane threating to bomb everyone to little pieces, I don't know.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Imagine Football Being Covered Like Iraq

Carolina Journal | Imagine MNF Being Covered Like Iraq: "INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts, seeking to silence critics who say they are overrated, fell short of that mark on Monday night by outscoring the Pittsburgh Steelers by a mere 3-point margin in the first quarter.

Despite the unspectacular first-quarter margin, Colts head coach Tony Dungy insisted that his team was winning the battle. “Hey, we’re up three,” said Dungy. “In my book that’s a lead.” But critics pointed out that the Colts gained their lead only as a result of a desperation 80-yard pass by quarterback Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison on their first play of the game...."

If your a football fan who is slightly interested in the World, this is hilarious. If you don't fit that, then carry on with your boring life. :D

The Size of training an army

My Defense Review

Stupendouesly awsome explaination of why the Iraqi forces are taking so long to come together. Sumarized, we aren't just training a few combat troops, we are also training an entire support staff.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Undeniable Truths in Life: Parts 41-45

Sorry about the delay, but this last week has been extremely busy with robotics. (Check our site at or So, to make up for the missed days, here are the final 4 Undeniable Truths in Life.

#41: The collective knowledge and wisdom of seasoned citizens is the most valuable - yet untapped - resource our young-people have. “Gray Hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life.” – Proverbs 16:31
Wisdom comes with experience, and the older you are, the more experience you gain. Thus, the senior citizens are the largest collective pool of wisdom in the world.
#42: Abortion is wrong.
As is killing, but the killing of an baby, who just entered the world, and is unable to defend himself from even the tiniest creature, is one of the worst atrocities in the world. Since it has become legal in the US, the number of children kills out number the Holocaust many times over.
#43: Evolution cannot explain Creation.
Life does not exist by chance. It is the willful creation of an Almighty God, who created the world perfectly. Chance cannot explain the elements, the formation of the earth, the stars, or the galaxys. It does not explain even the simplest for of life, or how DNA can replicate so perfectly trillions of times a second across the globe.

#44: Abe Lincoln saved this nation. If Lincoln had let the south succeed without contention, then our nation would have no where near the strength it does now. Because of Lincoln, we are still a United States.

#45: The US will again go to war.
The War on Terror will continue, and plenty of other threats will arise. Because ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of force, war will always be a part of the current earth, and as the worlds superpower, the US will be either a target or have to come to the aid of another nation.

The End of the series is now here, after 2 months of posting. I will post the permalinks for them all soon. I hope you have enjoyed the series!

*edit* Argg... My first time to use Blogger for Word. I guess it doesn't load the pictures for the post.... */edit*

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Killed by a robot!!!

Telegraph | News | Al-Qaeda number three 'killed by CIA spy plane' in Pakistan: "Al-Qaeda's third-ranking leader has been killed by a missile fired by an American drone in Pakistan, near the Afghan border, NBC television news reported yesterday.

Egyptian-born Abu Hamza Rabia, who is said to head al-Qaeda's international operations, was among five people killed in a blast at a house where they were hiding in North Waziristan on Thursday. President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan confirmed Rabia's death yesterday"

Can you imagine this? (Translation from arabic!!!)
Grunt: We lost another leader!!! We're down to 20% remaining leadership since the glorius day in september of 2001!
Leader: *censored, both in Arabic and english!!* How did they get him?
Leader: Out with it man, or I will cut out your tounge!
Grunt: He was killed by an infedel American!!
Leader: You don't say! I never would have guessed!
Grunt: By a robot...
Leader: WHAT????????????????????????

Preadators are awsome. We should use 'em on the border.
Bomb the illegals!!