Monday, February 13, 2006

BREAKING: Money doesn't buy happiness

BREITBART.COM - Money really doesn't buy happiness, study finds: "Money doesn't buy happiness, and now there's a study to prove it. Australian researchers found that people in well-off Sydney are among the most miserable in the country, while those in some of the poorest areas are much more satisfied with their lives.

'Only at very, very high levels does money actually have any impact to act as a buffer,' said Deakin University researcher Liz Eckerman.

'Money doesn't actually buy happiness and that's what was shown very clearly for the nearly 23,000 people we've interviewed so far,' she told ABC radio.

The findings, collated since 2001, show that while there are no extremes of well-being in Australia, the happiest areas had a lower population, more people aged 55 or over, more women, more married people and less income inequality."

Haha, aren't the results just SHOCKING.
I do like this saying though:
Money doesn't buy happiness, but sure lets you pick your own form of misery.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...


But are poor folks not more likely to suffer mental illness, alcoholism and family breakdown?

Palm boy said...

Perhaps. Mental breakdown seems to be pretty universal here.

Alcoholism is extreamly rampant among the rich entertainers, I suspect the same among the other weathly. Family Breakdown happens at ALL levels, although there does seem to be a lot in the lower incomes.