Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bush issues 29 pardons, at least two missing.

Associated Press Story regarding Bush's pardons.

I can think of two missing pardons.
Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso.

The two border agents who were tossed into prison earlier this year.
I covered that on January 18, and then on Febuary 6, the story where Ramos was assulting and brutally beaten in prison by a mexican gang.

Bush's response was to do nothing.

Apparently, that policy still exists today.


Gino said...

and you are suprised?

Palm boy said...

sadly, not at all.

SolaMeanie said...

I am typically not vengeful, but perhaps the best thing to happen would be for some illegals to invade Bush's ranch in Crawford, and for the Secret Service to do nothing out of fear they'll get prosecuted for offending Hispanics.

Gino said...

i hope this doesnt happen:
jenna gets raped by a serial offender on parole who is illegal.

under_the_mercy said...

Politicians of today are flaccid. Backbone please?

But then again, so are most americans...

Where did the idea of a general revolt against injustice get lost in the last 140 years?

SolaMeanie said...

The thing is, one could take the simplistic cynical view and say that Bush is acting this way because he has Mexicans in his family i.e. brother Jeb is married to one. But it's deeper than that. Bush supports the North American Union idea, and has agreed to work with Mexico and Canada toward that idea. They lie about it in public no matter how many public documents and statements confirm it. Former Mexican president Vicente Fox admitted that this union was in the works on Fox News, only to have denials by officials later.

Peole need to wake up, smell the fajitas and get very, very mad.

Hannah said...

The union idea between Canada, US and Mexico is no secret. Just google the Trans-Texas Corridor (which, I might add, will be in my backyard, according to the proposed plan.) What's the point of illegal immigration, if our gov doesn't act like its illegal, and is in the act of uniting our country further with Mexico via a transportation system? So much for American independence.

As much as I have disagreed with Chinese politics in recent years, The Great Wall of China was an act of genius....

Palm boy said...

Sola, thats a pretty brutal vengence.
AS IS yours, Gino. Seesh.

Under, a general revolt was lost when the government started tossing bread out to the people, mostly during the New Deal.
And, Sherman did such a wonderful job down south, that there has been no desire to rend the nation apart with another internal war.

Sola, I don't think the family is the issue, but the NAU is always there as a reason. And I like fajitas. :D

Hannah, not really a good use for your back yard.
And comparing a wall designed to resist a barbarian invasion to our situation... extreme?