Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mea Culpa

Ok, so I called yesterday all wrong.
Huckabee is far from finished, at least in the south. McCain, as expected was strong with the liberal states, california included.
Texas may become a king maker, which would be really quite interesting.

Boy was I wrong about Huckabee...

More later, school calls.


Kingdom Advancer said...

There's potential that Romney's--not Huckabee's--demise may be your Super Tuesday aftermath.

So, you were wrong (and I am happy about that), but the important thing is that you are willing to admit it with grace, rather than lashing out with conspiracy theories and the like.

By the way, as happy as I am with the results, the final Missouri tally, being winner-take-all, was nearly crushing to me. I also wish Huckabee would've performed better in Alaska, Oklahoma, and Minnesota (and while we're at it: Montana and North Dakota).

Guitarman said...

I just blogged about how they (we in Mn got it right) endorsed a left leaning candidate. McCain even if he did win in November would not represent my conservative values. I cannot vote for him. It would be better for him to lose and then get another Reagan in 4 years....pray not 8.

Palm boy said...

Thanks ya'll.