Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick update

So I looked at this blog today, and realized it's been a really long time since I posted.
With a little bit o' prodding from Joel, I think it's time for an update.

I've been sick for the past three days (better now), but my apathetic posting is from more then that.
I'm disgruntled with this administration, and as usual, disgusted with the democrats. But I can live with that, and willingly go to war with them on a daily basis, cheerfully battering down the inanity of the left.

But these kicks in the teeth from republicans is really frustrating.
We've got McCain as the 'conservative' nominee.
A federal/world bank take over of much of the financial systems.
Blithering ignorance cascading down from the highest levels of education through kindergarten students, and the only thing done about it is throwing more bloated taxpayer money.
An employment rate of 95%, and we complain. Oh, how soft we've become.

I'm not furious, but beaten down. So I've taken some time off, and I'll probably take some more time off from the blogsphere. Don't worry, I'll let you know when I'm back. :D

Not that I'm withdrawing from my involvement in the electoral process. I served as a page at the local Republican Convention two weeks ago, I'm slated to work the State convention in June, and I'm applying for National Convention paging later this summer. Pray that comes through, because it would be really really cool.

I've also had my creative energies funneled off into a different direction. My younger brother and I host a weekly podcast, Canned Energy. It's about a 20 minute show reviewing energy drinks. Yeah, I know. Typical youngster. :D
But it's relaxing to back away from the morass of the current political spectrum.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I am glad you are feeling better.

Jeana said...

"I'm not furious, just beaten down." I so feel for you! I think that getting into a towering rage at the corruptness of the government would be refreshing, but I feel so helpless.

Oh well, just remember Ephesians 6:12, "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against Democrats, against liberals, against enviro-wackos, against perverts, against the rulers and the of the darkness of this age." or something like that. ;)

I'm going to have to look into being a page. I've been trying to get involved in politics and the Republican party (applying for delegate, etc.), but either my ideas are too radical and scare them or nearly eighteen is not old enough for them ancient ole gezzars.

Younger brothers are good at keeping things in perspective and taking breaks--even if its just pranking tele-marketers. Trust me, we had a blast! :D

Jeana said...

I just remembered a few more from Eph. 6:12 "...against pinkos, against feminists, against neo-cons..." Reading the news is so depressing.

Palm boy said...

Thanks Matt.

Jeana, in Texas at least, the old timers are pretty excited to have new blood in the party. You might be surprised.

Pranking Telemarketers? Cripes...

Gino said...

you'd be happier in life if realized nothing in politics matters.
societies rise and fall, and our will too. its not always good. but it is history.

i used to think i could reverse the slide with politics. i've since grown up. as societies evolve, we are actually powerless to stop it, or change its course.

true: i still engage in politics. but not because it matters. i do it for the same reason others do boy scouts, or little league. the fellowship of like minded souls.
i also enjoy the debate. but i dont expect to change anybody's point of view. i debate because i enjoy it.

i guess i've grown from a crusader into the happy warrior.

yer young yet.
take my advice: be a happy warrior.
dont get down when your side loses. its all out of your hands anyway. do it for the freindships and relationships you make along the way. and befriend the oposition. there's some good folks on the other side. folks who can enrich your life if you give them the chance.
go ahead, share a drink with a homosexual. date a liberal girl.
expand your friendships to include others not like you.

when its all over, when you die, what matters is how you enjoyed your life, not what party you supported.
did you pull all the joy out it?
have you left a positive mark?

if politics depresses you, then it too important.

Jeana said...

Palm Boy, you make me feel home sick. But in all fairness, not all the "ole gezzars" were against me. I lost for delegate by one vote out of twelve candidates. I was convincing to some people, just, some of the comments I overheard left a bitter taste in my mouth. :(

Gino, I hardly know where to start. But first I will say that I do NOT physically attack people who hold a different worldview from me. :D

I participate in politics because I think that there is a right and a wrong. I debate to make the other party acknowledge my point. I'm in this fight to WIN. Society is made up of people, so I have to believe that people can change Society.

This is not to say that I don't enjoy myself in the politics/arguing mess, but I have a reason for interesting myself in it. The wise men who set this country up staked their lives on the belief that things can change for the better and they succeeded. I want to be a part of making this country strong.

I might be an enthusiastic, young fool; but in the words Billy Pitt--I'm too young to know that things can't be changed, so I'll do it anyway.

Palm boy said...

Gino, I think I'm reaching that phase now. I can't change the world by myself, but I might as well go for the ride of trying. :D

oldgeezer - bcbc friend said...

Galatians 6:9 (New American Standard Bible)
Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.

From one who's been there and back, and who will continue to run the race to finish it well.

SolaMeanie said...


Be glad at least that you are not a page in the Democratic Party. Pages and interns have a way of being drawn into trouble with the Democrats. (Snicker)

Glad you posted, and glad you are feeling better.

Check out this site;

You can download some of our radio programs on there. Might give you guys some fodder for your own podcast.

under_the_mercy said...

With God in ultimate control, directing history for His glory, I wonder if perhaps all this involvement in society, evangalism, helping other people, changing things for the better, and so forth is not designed mostly for our own personal benifit. Understand I believe in predestination.

Palm boy said...

Thanks Jim.

Joel, that was something I didn't need to think about. Seesh.

Under, I don't know God's plan, so I'll keep opporating in a way that I think best fits his design. I'm sure you do the same.