Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick Update, Indy Review

So I keep having to do these more and more often... I really need to keep up with this better.

So, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out midnight wednesday, and I was there with a bunch of friends. Pretty good sized crowd too, as evidencd by the colossal box office over the weekend.

From the opening second, I was in love with this film. Wonderful, beautifully crafted camera work pervaded the film with a few glaring exceptions, and this only because the rest was so good.
The sound track was dencent, but no where the class of John Williams prior efforts.
Harrison Ford made Indy work again, and Shia worked the lil' Jones knock off very well. Top this all off with a plot I loved and had some pretty good vilians, and it boils down to one thing: This feels like Indiana Jones, and while not the finest of the series, it can hold it's head high amongst the classics of the series, and stride as a god amongst mortals among most films. I loved this.

So what else besides early morning movie watching? Your humble blogger-man has graduated from High School, and tossed the tassels on saturday. Some other friends have graduated, so it's been busy with grad parties and ceremonies.

Unfortunately, the weekend was dampened by some pet issues. A dog staying at our house attacked my toy poddle, Sandy. The stitches and repairs were cost prohibitive, and Sandy was put down. I loved that dog, the perky lovable one-eyed rescue project from my 11th birthday...
Brother and Mom picked up a Cocker Spaniel at a rescue, so we'll see how this functions.

In the vast world around us, what on earth is going on in Boston and Chitown with the trains?


Daweed said...

The new dogs name is Rusty.
he is a red and white 1 year old male cocker spaniel.

All-American Girl said...

the picture is a little blurry, but thats beside the point, what a very cute dog, i am sorry for your loss, where was that picture taken? It looks like he is on a stage of some kind. How did the other dog attack him?? It seems as if just rough-housing would not be so dangerous, was it some sort of territorial dispute?

Palm boy said...

Yep, Rusty. Nothing heals a shattered heart like a new puppy.

American, it is blurry. Sandy was a mascot for a Vacation Bible School last year, and so he was on stage with a bandana on. Actually, the side of the head you see is the one with the eyelid sewn shut, so it's not his good side.
It was the breed, they like to eliminate competition around them. It wasn't rough houseing, at least not in the way dogs normally wrestle.

Solameanie said...

As for the Indy movie, I hope I can see that in the theatre, something I can seldom do these days. Normally my tastes lie to classic black and white film noirs from Hollywood's Golden Age, but I always made exceptions for Indiana Jones and Star Wars. As time advances on me, I feel better that Harrison Ford can still cut the mustard. :O

As to the dog that butchered your dog, I feel that a 30.06 might be in order. I'd be sorely tempted. Do they make electric chairs for miscreant pooches? If not, I am sure I could devise one.

Finally, congratulations on your graduation. In ten years time, you'll be wishing you were back there. :))

Gino said...

congratulations on the graduation.
What next? college planned? trade school? if not, the LDS are looking for a few good missionaries. ;)

sorry to hear about the dog loss. i have a very old cat that is coming to its end soon, so within a yr's time, i think, i will be sharing the grief myself.

and the movie reviews: doing quite well, if i say so myself. good job.

kingdavid said...

Go get a degree in climatology and prove to the world once and for all that man-made global warming is a myth perpetuated by leftists.

Re: the movie. I liked it as well, but I didn't really care for the villainess. She reminded me too much of Natasha from the Rocky&Bullwinkle Show.

Palm boy said...

Joel, I'm suprised you'd even go into the theater. You seem to have such an aversion to modern cinema. :D
I can't shoot the dog, it's a relatives. They are having it put down though. Thanks, and I believe you about 10 years from now.

Gino, the LDS can keep looking. I'll be doing community college for at least one semester.
Thanks, and as much as I dislike cats, I can still sympathize with you.
I do try my hardest... that's three midnight showings, just for you guys. :D

KD, Climatology involves math, yes?
I'll pass.

Loi, I hadn't thought of her that way. But I don't think I'll be able to see it again without thinking of it that way.