Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Blagman Strikes Back

" His choice of Burris, Illinois' first African-American elected statewide, presents senators with the dilemma of saying no to a replacement for Obama, who was the nation's only black senator.

That point was driven home at the news conference by Democratic U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush of Chicago, who said it's a matter of national importance that an African-American replace Obama in the Senate.

"Let me just remind you that there presently is no African-American in the Senate...this is just not a state of Illinois matter," Rush said.

...Burris said he spoke with Blagojevich Sunday night about the appointment.

"I was asked if he would appoint me would I accept and the answer is yes," said Burris, who offered no comment on the governor's legal situation.

Blagojevich praised Burris for his "unquestioned integrity" and "extensive experience," calling him a senior statesman.

"To not fill the vacancy would be to deprive the people of Illinois of their appropriate voice" in the U.S. Senate, Blagojevich said."

And yet, the most telling component to this:
"Burris has given more than $20,000 to Blagojevich's campaign fund on his own and through his consulting and law firms, state campaign finance records show. Burris' consulting company received about $290,000 in state contracts with the Illinois Department of Transportation a few years ago, according to state comptroller records."

Best as I can tell, this is a legit appointment. I hope for no other reason then sheer joy of political folly and historical oddities that it goes through. Really though, I think we'll have a difficult time finding a more liberal senator then Obama to replace Obama in the senate. Might as well the token black man in the house of arrogant politicians bent on socialism.


Solameanie said...

Unfortunately, Robert...I have to live in the state where this is going on.


Roland Burris is an interesting character. He's been around a long time and has an ego the size of the Yellowstone Caldera. I remember the first time he won elective office (and yes, I am dating myself). I personally would rather have a conservative in the Senate, but we could do worse than Burris. He's a typical black liberal.

I expect this will end up at the Supreme Court before its over. I am glad that Illinois is at least providing entertaining political theatre for my friends around the country, LOL.

Palm boy said...

Yellowstone Caldera?

Solameanie said...

Sorry. I should have prolly explained. Yellowstone National Park is supposedly one huge volcano. It hasn't erupted in eons, but it's one of the most recent "doomsday" scenarios scientists are talking about. If the thing blows, America -- or at least a significant part of it -- is toast.

kingdavid said...

It's always such an inspiration when we see such sterling examples of MLK's dream of black men being judged by the content of their character.