Friday, September 18, 2009

Labor unions crippling the USPS

Federal Times: "Mail volume is down 12.6 percent compared with last year, and many postal supervisors simply don’t have enough work to keep all employees busy. But a thicket of union rules prevents managers from laying off excess employees; a recent agreement with the unions, in fact, temporarily prevents the Postal Service from even reassigning them to other facilities that could use them.

So they sit — some for a few hours, others for entire shifts. Postal union officials estimate some 15,000 employees have spent time on standby this year.

They spend their days holed up in rooms — conference rooms, break rooms, occasionally 12-foot-by-8-foot storage closets — that the Postal Service dubs “resource rooms.” Postal employees use more colorful names, like “holding pens” and “blue rooms.”

After the previous post on the potential for health care to become a bastion of unionized labor with a government medical system, I started looking at other quasi-government agencies, that is, government agencies competing with private companies. The USPS is an organization that has been floundering for years, as the UPS and FederalExpress have thrived.

So, the question must be asked, is this how we wish our lives and loved ones to be handled?


Solameanie said...

I can remember when Sir Ronaldus Maximus Reaganus was vilified from here to eternity for firing the air traffic controllers for illegal striking. That was the first real chink in the armor of the labor unions, which are for the most part fundraising and voting shills for the Democrats.

Too bad someone doesn't have the moxie to do that again.

Anonymous said...

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