Sunday, November 29, 2009

Here Be Change

A look at the cabinet appointments by each president from 1900 until today, examining the percent with private sector experience. Initially from a JP Morgan report, (hat tip to The American) you can quickly see a radical departure from the past administration's cabinet appointments.

Essentially, 92% of Obama's appointments have no private sector experience. Splendid.


Solameanie said...

I'd like to say that I'm surprised, but I'm not. It's totally of a piece with everything else Obama has done since assuming office. He's bound and determined to fly the plane straight into the ground.

BCBCFriend said...

It's sad when people want the government to become this all encompassing orb. That's what I believe was behind so much of the Obama vote - people want the best sports car, the best stereo, the best XYZ, so they just jumped at the opportunity to have someone in the highest place that promised them the "best" nanny-state government you could ever want. There is a lot of pain coming down the road for those who adopt this type of thinking without reading the "fine print". I take hope that there will be a remnant of people who remember what freedom and liberty is from reading the end of the book.

Palm boy said...

Joel, that is a good way to put it.

BCBC, I'm afraid that a remnant may be all we'll be left with, crying in the wilderness to a crowd refusing to listen.
But, we're not there yet. :D