Friday, January 01, 2010

Numbers that Speak Good News

Among other sites, I enjoy reading The American Blog, run by the American Enterprise Institute. I found this today, and it is one of those cases where the numbers speak for themselves, and neat little colored bars only help with that.

Look at 4 of the more influential particles of legislation in American history.
Now, look at the astronomically large bills passed by this congress.
(Hat tip to Nick Schultz)

Also interesting to note is the congressional approval rate of this current congress, especially when compared with congresses of yore.
Here's a helpful chart for that too!

As the hope of the right is that Obama will repeat the days of Carter & Reagan, so to the hope burns that this congressional election will be similar to the 1994 collapse of a democrat majority in Congress.


Solameanie said...

We need to not only win both houses of Congress, but also with veto-proof majorities. Otherwise, any progress will be stymied by the Dems and RINOs.

Palm boy said...

At this point, I'm begging for a halting of the fascism for even a short time.
This is all happening with blinding speed.

Sra. Madera said...

Pray that more Dems switch parties to flee the Facists and that we get a veto-proof majority otherwise we cannot overturn any legislation passed before 12/31/10.
N Dakota Dem Senator decided not to run for reelection. I gues he finally got it.

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