Thursday, February 25, 2010

Paper knows no bounds

AP: "President Barack Obama scolded Virgina Republican Rep. Eric Cantor for the stack of paper he brought with him to the health summit, calling it the type of political stunt that gets in the way of lawmakers having a serious conversation.

Cantor said he brought a copy of the 2,400-page Senate bill and the 11-page proposal Obama posted online earlier in the week."

What a leader!


KnightWing said...


OWNED, Mr. President!

Solameanie said...

I really wished someone would slap the pee out of him for his snippy remark to John McCain. McCain missed a great opportunity for a devastating retort. "The campaign's over, Barack? Excuse me, but you've been doing nothing but campaign for the past 13 months."

Palm boy said...

Knight, precisely :D

Joel, I think McCain is far to classy to roll in the swine floutsam that Obama is wallering in and slinging with reckless abandon.