Saturday, May 01, 2010

Podcast Smörgåsbord 2: NFL Rants and Raves

After presenting
This Week in Tech as the first item on the menu, I've got another one to offer.

NFL Rants & Raves: Bringing American Football to the World. Crafted with love by two brother-in-laws in Pasadena California, its the NFL from a fans perspective.
Steven is a die hard cowboys fan, Jeff picks a team at the start of every season, and that usually seals their fate for the year.

While most of their work goes entirely unpaid, this duo routinely picks over 70% correct over the course of the season, besting most paid analysts.If you're a British reader, you may have seen them in a guest spot on Sky Sports from time to time, or waltzing around the NFL games in London.

During the off-season, Steven and Jeff will put together about a show every week. The Draft, the training camps, division previews and the preseason are all covered, in anticipation of the season. But once the regular season is under way, it is without fail two shows a week, and almost without exception over two hours a show. It is entertaining while informing, rife logical and emotional opinions, bursting with a passion and a dash of sound effects.

As Jeff says, 'This is Edutainment people!'
If this isn't a word in the English language, perhaps it should be, because this show is routinely a highlight of my week. If you have even a sliver of interest in the NFL, this is well worth some time to try. It's free, after all.


Solameanie said...

I think flag football should be an Olympic sport. In fact, if the NFL converted to flag football, we'd see a whole lot less injuries.

I'm also going to ask Ralph Nader to demand air bags in all football helmets.

Robert said...

Both of those sound like terrible ideas :D

Steven said...

Thanks for the shout out. Much appreciated.