Monday, August 13, 2012

Otra Vez

I'm trying to determine the reason that republicans seem to perennially have more excitement for the VP candidate then the presidential candidate. 

Any stalwarts have a notion?


Aaron Ross said...

Because apparently the fame and celebrity of someone like McCain and Romney (who no one loves but everyone tolerates) is important enough to win out over anything else.

It doesn't help that most Republicans these days spend all their time arguing about how EXTREMELY conservative they are, to the point of screaming ideological rhetoric at the top of their lungs with no real thought behind it. In that bloodbath, all McCain and Romney had to do was float and survive.

Palm boy said...

They are quiet adept floaters, these past two presidential nominees.

Sra. Madera said...

The VP matters to the Republicans because the Top of the Ticket doesn't stir up enough support. It really began with Dole-Kemp. Also, beginning with W, the VP had a greater influence in the Executive Branch. I would believe that Romney has great hopes for Ryan to work with him to make the changes that must be made. Ryan had the Plan, Romney didn't have one. VP in the Dem's are do nothing buffoons as Rush calls Biden. I expect Ryan to be very active working with Congress and communicating the truth to the nation.