Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Is Rand Paul Still Talking?

A worthy question.

As of now, yes. 5:38 strong.

Get it done Mr. Paul.
“I will speak today until the president responds and says, ‘No, we won’t kill Americans in cafes. No, we won’t kill you at home at night,’”

"Are you going to just drop a hellfire missile on Jane Fonda?"

UPDATE: Fillibuster still going  at 11:33.

H/t Gino:


To conclude, from The Hill: “They think the whole world is a battlefield, including America, and that the laws of war should apply,” Paul said in an interview on Fox News about McCain and Graham, who had described Paul’s comments about drones as “ridiculous.” “The laws of war don't involve due process, so when they ask you for an attorney you tell them to shut up. That's not my understanding of the way America works,” Paul told Fox. “I don't think the laws of war apply to America, I think the Bill of Rights do and I think it's a disservice to our soldiers that our senators up there arguing that the Bill of Rights aren't important."

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