Thursday, October 18, 2007

Couple cleans up house with gun

Story: " My husband Adrian caught the thief red-handed in our home," she said. "And what is even crazier, the man even had my husband's hat sitting right on his head."

Adrian McKinnon held the suspect, 33-year-old Tajuan Bullock, at gunpoint and told him to sit on the floor until he decided what to do.

"We made this man clean up all the mess he made, piles of stuff, he had thrown out of my drawers and cabinets onto the floor," Tiffany McKinnon said.

When police arrived, Bullock complained about being forced to clean the home at gunpoint.

"This man had the nerve to raise sand about us making him clean up the mess he made in my house," she said. "The police officer laughed at him when he complained and said anybody else would have shot him dead."

Brilliant. :D


SolaMeanie said...

Gotta love it. And I really love the fireball coming out of that pistol! ;)

Palm boy said...

Yup. Great wikipedia shot. :D

Anonymous said...

Brilliant?? I'd call it sensible. Good grief, if anybody was making free and making off with my stuff I'd jolly well have him repair the damage. Great story, laughed so hard my side hurt. :D

Spectacled Skeptic

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

That was awsome