Monday, October 08, 2007

Packers casually throw Chicago a bone, forfiet game by stupidity (Refs & Pack)

Enjoy it while it lasts, Gino.
Just remember, 12 men on the field.


kingdavid said...

This means the Vikings are still in it. They're 1-3 now, I figure they need just 7 more wins to take the Central division, or get in as a wild card. I don't see any team in that division winning over 8 games, even your beloved Pack.

Gino said...

eat your heart out,palm boy.

its not the bears' fault favre threw two badly timed interceptions, and packers wasted a time out due to stupidity, and packers cant hang on to the football.

next order of business: tearing the horns off the vikings.

7 more wins,KD? at this rate, you'll need a 28 game season. NO!, you cant carry them over til next year.

Palm boy said...

KD, the packers may not win 8 games, particuarly if we play that way again.

Gino, that was a cheap shot. Favre only threw 1 dumb interception, the other one was on a hail mary.

James Jones needs to learn how to hold on to a football.

Wouldn't it be funny if the lions were the only ones who could claim to beat the bears from the north?

Guitarman said...

The play that killed the pack was late in the game when they stopped the Bears outside of F.G. range and then (Henderson?) pulls the guy down by the face mask. He could have just pushed him out of bounds! anybody home.

kingdavid said...

Really, you people need to get a life. Don't you realize the World Cup of Rugby is going on right now. Forget about these pansies in pads, follow a real man's game.