Monday, November 24, 2008

In the absense of leadership

...the idiots will run the show

" White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said on Sunday she knew of no talks going on between banking giant Citigroup and the federal government for financial aid.

Speaking to reporters traveling with President George W. Bush, who is returning to Washington after attending the Asia-Pacific summit in Peru, Perino declined to comment on whether the president supported a federal rescue package for Citigroup." - Reuters

This is quite frankly, obscene. Our money is being hosed around with reckless abandon by those on the hill, and the executive branch has entirely sold out to Henry Paulson, the treasury secretary. It's be comedy if it wasn't real.


Solameanie said...

It does make you wonder if they're all trying to sink the economy and the nation on purpose.

Palm boy said...

They are doing a fine job of that.

Solameanie said...

There's an old Three Dog Night song called "Liar." I think I am going to play it on my radio program the next time ANY government or Congressional mouthpiece says anything about the financial crisis.

In my best Southern dialect, "ah's sayd it befo, ah'll say it agin." This has all the makings of an engineered crisis.

And while I'm on the song kick, Supertramp had an album called "Crisis? What Crisis." Look up the album artwork on Google Images. It says a lot.

Jeana said...

when the cat's away, the mice will play, eh?