Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What on earth is wrong with W?

Ok, so real quick. I'm in mexico again, helping build another house for a fellow child of the King and his family down here, which is why there has been a stark and sudden lack of posts following that debacle of an election (for those with brains, anyways) a few days back.

We're well ahead of schedule on the house, so we may get to some of the work left unfinished by our hasty withdraw due to a hurrican this summer. Thats my prayer, anyways.

So I hit up the Drudge today, and find an absolute horrid mess of a government take over being delt to us by George W Bush and his crony, Treasury Secretary Paulson.

Here it is, and I'll say it.
What a bunch of commies who have masqueraded as republicans over the past 10 years.

Officially, I have almost as much repect for this bunch of mentally vacant chowderheads running the white house as I will for Barak and his coming term.

ABC News:
"When we'll get a list of those dozens of additional applicants which will be getting a piece of the $125 billion in remaining taxpayer case remains to be seen. The original CPP participants were told about the program at a closed-door meeting at Treasury and no minutes have been released on what was said during the meeting.

So, is this the biggest bait and switch in American history? There will certainly be critics who say that Paulson and the Bush Administration were disingenuous when they were selling Congress and the American public on the program back in September. And they’d probably be right. Paulson said today, he knew when the bill was signed the purchase of trouble assets wasn’t the right solution to the problem. But history will judge Hank & Co. on the effectiveness of their response. If the risks to the financial system remain low, the future doesn’t bring bigger bank and financial institution failures, and the recession doesn’t get too deep or last too long, then the quick pivot on this plan will probably go unnoticed."


Daniel said...

I'm not going to tell you 'I you so' on Bush, mainly because I don't think that I ever said anything on here.

Solameanie said...

"chowderheads . . . "

Love it. I thought I was the only one who used obscure epithets like that! :O

P.S. . . . I knew what a "jackanapes" was before Bill O'Reilly used it.

Gino said...

i suspected bush was bush. that is why i didnt vote in 2000. at all.

Palm boy said...

Daniel, you're not the only one who is saying that about this government take over.

Joel, I heard jackanapes used in a sentence today, and it reminded me of you. Not Orielly. So good work.

Gino, not voting doesn't seem like a solution. But I'm sure you've heard that.