Tuesday, February 17, 2009

California Burning

Or at least, the budget is.

Rueters: "
California, which is on the brink of running out of cash, will notify 20,000 state workers on Tuesday their jobs may be eliminated...

The layoff notices will affect about 20 percent of state workers, McLear said, adding the cuts would extend to every part of state government.

The positions would be eliminated in June in preparation for California's next fiscal year, which starts in July.

California, America's most populous state and the world's eighth biggest economy, has experienced a dramatic fall in revenues because of the housing downturn, rising unemployment and a sharp pullback in consumer spending."

Who has been running this state for the last two decades? Far left democrats.

Great work, Captain Socialism.


Solameanie said...

Captain Socialism?

Hey, that ought to inspire a good, conservative, satirical comic strip. And there would be plenty of nefarious villains for inspiration.

Unfortunately, my drawing skills never quite made it out of kindergarten.

Daweed said...

all I can say

KnightWing said...

Well DUH!
What did they expect, electing the Terminator as their governor? He's a ROBOT. All he knows how to do is KILL.

Palm boy said...

Joel, Thats an idea.

David, yes. I concur.

Knight... loi.