Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fort Worth Tea party

So I went with some of my family and a friend to the Fort Worth Tea Party tonight.
My first impression was how large it was, I'd guess 3000 people. Gov. Rick Perry was the highlight speaker, but the rest of it was rather dull from that point on.

The lasting impression I'm left with is not an encouraging one. I felt like I was watching an old hound dog gnaw on the remains of a long ago devoured bone. Bitter, insular, resentful, and still defiantly wringing what taste he can out of the bone. No fresh meat is a part of this meal, only insufficient remains of the past.

There were no solutions presented besides a strident call of 'STOP!!'. No drive for a fresh awakening of Liberty in the minds and hearts of my American brethren, only a policy of self congratulations for the patriots present at the rally.

While I imagine the Boston Tea Party was a rather angry event, my particular party was not positive. Friends at other parties report differently, so this may be the start of something. It's still rather mind boggling that these events were organized independently of any party or PAC.
If it happens to the same degree next year, it may even impact the elections.


Solameanie said...

Interesting analysis. I've had some concerns about this myself, even aside from media portrayals. If this is just a "steam valve" that lets people vent, then roll over and go back to sleep, it will have accomplished nothing but good political theatre.

Off topic, but why is Kay Bailey Hutchinson running against Rick Perry? Is this another leg of the "liberal vs. conservative" in the GOP? I hate to see the party devour each other, but I'd also love to see RINOs run out on a rail. (how's that for alliteration?)

Palm boy said...

But it was fun political theatre. :D

KBH is very much a neo-con liberal, and believes she can grab a large block of the left wing in texas to side with her to spite Perry.
Honestly, Perry wavers between moderate and the right, but at least he goes back to the right sometimes.

Personally, I don't plan on voting for either one right now.

FAICA Soldier said...

I just found it hilarious that the day I arrived in Boston they were having a "tea" party