Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Old man Dingell Comes Down From the Mt. With Wisdom

"The Honorable John D. Dingell" of Michigan, the longest serving congressman in the US house and the 3rd longest serving in US history.

Since 1955, he has taken his life to DC to represent western Detroit, crusading for nationalized health care as his calling card. At the beginning of every session, he has produced a bill that would lead to such a result, and this must be one blisteringly wonderful payoff for his years of slavish dedication to the facist ideal.

"It takes a long time to administer the necessary control the people"


Solameanie said...

What's really bizarre about this is that John Dingell has been a very pro-Second Amendment Democrat. How "control the people " jives with the intent of the Second Amendment is beyond me.

Palm boy said...

Its a decoy maybe? I haven't been tracking him for long, so I don't know. Good point though.