Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Sword of Arrogance

Looking at the data from a recent Gallup Poll, the Obama administration is now surrounded by a nation rife with disapproval and steadily reducing approval rates, even to the unusual point of having more disapproval then approval.

For an elected official, this is untenable. To what end does the Democrat party and Barrak Obama persist in pushing this health care take over?

Unions? Campaign donations from the Medical establishment? The will of the voters? Personal vendetta? The animal spirits? Its baffling, but I am more sure now naught good will pass the legislature then before.

But in the long run? This may be the rock upon which the Democrat party shatters itself for the coming decade.


Sra. Madera said...

Yes the Democrat Party may shatter itself upon this rock but in the process it will shatter our nation as well. To reverse legislation is unteniable act that almost never happens.

Mall Diva said...

Here's to hoping that "ALMOST never" is the operative phrase in that sentence.