Tuesday, July 13, 2010


CBS: "Armed security guards have been posted at public pools in Buffalo after a lifeguard was pulled into the water by rowdy teenagers and other unruly behavior prompted safety concerns for parks employees.

The city's eight public outdoor pools were shut down last Thursday after fights broke out and a locker room was vandalized.

At one pool, a 16-year-old lifeguard says she was yanked by her ankles into the water when she tried to restore order. She says she struck her head on a drain and then was repeatedly dunked by several teenagers until another lifeguard rescued her.

The teen was treated at a Buffalo hospital for a mild concussion.

City parks officials say security guards were on duty over the weekend and will be working at the pools for the rest of the summer.

What is going on in Buffalo??


Solameanie said...

I would suggest a forced trip to Singapore for the recreants involved. They would experience a Singapore justice-style caning. Subsequently, they would alter their behavior markedly.

I guarantee it.

Gino said...

i call for registering all pools in Buffalo.

Palm boy said...

Sola, sounds like child abuse ;)

Gino, we must only register devices that are less dangerous then swimming pools.