Tuesday, July 06, 2010

'If It Was A Real War We Would Have Won By Now'

"...The harder we fight a war that is not a war, the weaker we get and the stronger becomes our enemy. When an enemy without weapons can respect an army of great strength, the most powerful of all history, one should ask, who has the moral high ground?

Military failure in Afghanistan is to be our destiny. Changing generals without changing our policies or our policymakers perpetuates our agony and delays the inevitable.

This is not a war that our generals have been trained for. Nation building, police work, social engineering is never a job for foreign occupiers and never an appropriate job for soldiers trained to win wars.

A military victory is no longer even a stated goal of our military leaders or our politicians, as they know that type of victory is impossible.

The sad story is, this war is against ourselves, our values, our Constitution, our financial well-being and common sense. And at the rate we’re going, it’s going to end badly...."

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Solameanie said...

I would only say that a victory is impossible because we don't fight it like a war. When you look back to the only war the U.S. "lost," i.e. Vietnam, we won every actual battle where there was an engagement of forces between us and the Viet Cong. The war was "lost" in Washington.

Same thing here. The Taliban can never defeat us in an actual battle. But the politicians can lose the war for us every time.