Monday, May 09, 2011

Review: Thor

To begin, my expectations were high for this film. In the Marvel Comic Universe, the god of Thunder known as Thor Odenson is one of the more powerful characters, at least in terms of combat and its sundry accessories. The blend of Norse mythology and classic science fiction styling is also very appealing, making a complex tapestry of the Viking pantheon and the likes of Spiderman and the X-Men

While this film can stand alone in the genre of superhero-comic book movies that I so much adore, it is in large part a set up for the coming attraction of The Avengers. The intent of this coming movie is to combine the story lines of Ironman, Ironman 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America into a unified narrative typically seen only in the games or comic books. 

I'm excited, and Thor only whetted this appetite. 

Adored with more artistic eye candy then can be consumed in a single sitting, this film makes no pretense at being the gritty competitor to The Dark Knight. Stylistically it is more in line something like Independence Day. The story revolves around Thor, his brother Loki, their father Oden (think Zeus) and the changing of the guard in 'Asgard', which is the home of the gods. Their ever present enemy is the Frost Giants, whom earth has been saved from by the efforts of Oden. Thor is overpowering in his militancy and insufferably arrogant, while Loki is relegated to the role of seeking power through mischief and deceit. Thor is cast to earth to learn humility, and much to Gino's pleasure, will meet Jane. Slow and predictable drama ensues, with a few laughs tossed in. On earth, this film is dull and pedantic.

In the heavens, this is a lot of fun. Combat. Archaic dialogue. End of the human race at stake. Giant swords. Mighty Hammers. Icy giants. The haughty learning humility to save what is loved. Stereotypical, perhaps. Much fun yet remains. 

More then anything else, I felt the powerful need to find something productive to do with a hammer after this movie. Perhaps that is the most lasting message, that a hammer can be used both for war and for building. Choose wisely. 

I'll probably get the blu-ray of this when it comes out, its a visual feast without any glaring weaknesses in the story or production. 


Gino said...

ya know how to tell if a movie is likley to suck?
it stars Natalie Portman.

Palm boy said...

That is why this movie did not, as she was not the star :D

Gino said...

i may have to see this. i know a famous cartoonist who saw it, and he said it was good.

Solameanie said...

I would like to play with C-4. Does that count?

Palm boy said...

What, my word isn't good enough?? ;)

Joel, a hammer is reusable :D