Sunday, May 01, 2011

This is Only the Beginning

10 years later, the question "When will the War on Terror be won?" is still prominent in our foreign policy. 

The answer has nothing to do with Bin Laden, and this 'War on Terror' is far from over. 

Thank you Mr. President. 

This is also an easy excuse to up the Terror warning another level. As demonstrated by the past decade of history the warnings from our overlords obstinately refuse to go back down, leaving this as a permanent status to continue the inequitable swap of liberty for security.

Note please the announcement came in the middle of Donald Trump's television show, but has yet to happen. Premature news frenzy happens while the White House prepares its teleprompters for the big guy to come out and speak, but it consumes the time slot slatted for Trump.

The US has an active assassination policy at this juncture in history. We just executed a man in cold blood without a trial. 


KnightWing said...

I highly doubt that it was an "assassination." They sent in special forces, so it's entirely possible that they wanted to capture him alive, like they did with Hussein. It's not like no one's ever been killed in a firefight before.

Also, yeah, I think your first two edits are more than a little on the paranoid/pessimist side. I reeeeeally don't think the White House gives a crap about The Apprentice. Heck, it generally makes Trump look like more of a douchebag.

Palm boy said...

KW, it was an assassination. There are no other honest terms that can be applied to this situation.

If they don't care about Trump, he would not have been such a large target for Obama's speech at the White House Press party. He scares them with his bombast, if perhaps not his skill or sincerity.

Anonymous said...

If there was a "firefight" then how is it we didn't have any injuries??