Friday, April 21, 2006

Double Standard of Justice?

KVII Online:"Two Duke University students have posted $400,000 bond and are due to return to court May 15th. Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty were arrested early this morning on charges of raping and kidnapping a woman hired to dance at a party. Lawyers deny the 20-year-old lacrosse players raped the stripper, who says three players attacked her."

Sounds pretty bad Teen charged in murder gets $50,000 bond: "A $50,000 bond was set Wednesday for one of two teens accused in Durham's first homicide of 2006, the March fatal shooting of 24-year-old Alvin Lee Jones.

Nicholas Alexander Mack, 17, previously had been held without bond in the case.

He and Dontae Daevon Jones, 18, are charged with shooting Alvin Jones in the back at the Bentwood Park apartment complex on Junction Road in eastern Durham. Authorities have said the shooting apparently was gang-related.

Superior Court Judge Ron Stephens rejected a defense request that Mack's bond be set as low as $25,000.

A lot of people's lives were put in jeopardy," said Dornfried, noting that numerous people were in a parking lot where the shooting occurred.

Evidence indicated that Mack was firing from a car with a .38-caliber gun when Jones was killed, Dornfried added.

He also said that Mack had avoided prosecution in November for giving fictitious information to a police officer, and that he was bonded out of jail on a marijuana charge when the murder occurred last month."

Sounds like a pretty bad crime. What in tarnation is up with the $50,000 FOR ENDING A PERSONS LIFE??? And $400,000 for a crime of rape that may, or may not have happened? (I personally suspect it did not happen, but the trial is still in court)

This is incredible, and insane. The punishment for killing another human should be at least life in prison, if it was deliberite. If it was premeditated, the guilty party should be hung within 30 days of conviction. This 50k junk is never going to stop anyone.


MVB said...

One third of the entire Duke lacross team has been arrested for something or other over the past couple of years!!! The university has done nothing to prevent these crimes. The university should be punished as well.

untamed said...

I agree. They can't even prove it actually happened, or, if it did, that those team members did it. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the same oppionion.

Palm boy said...

MVB, I don't think the university should be punished. The wrongful acts took place off campus, and it is the inviduals responsibility to stay within the boundaries of the law.

COTK: yeah, the evidence is not conclusive either way. In a court in the US, that should qualify as innocent.

I like what Ann Coulter had to say,
"However the Duke lacrosse rape case turns out, one lesson that absolutely will not be learned is this: You can severely reduce your chances of having a false accusation of rape leveled against you if you don't hire strange women to come to your house and take their clothes off for money.

Also, you can severely reduce your chances of being raped if you do not go to strange men's houses and take your clothes off for money. (Does anyone else detect a common thread here?)

And if you are a girl in Aruba or New York City, among the best ways to avoid being the victim of a horrible crime is to not get drunk in public or go off in a car with men you just met. While we're on the subject of things every 5-year-old should know, I also recommend against dousing yourself in gasoline and striking a match."

MVB said...

One third of the lacross team was arrested at some point for some crime or another. The university should have done some sort of investigation. ( Personally, I think the entire Lacross program should be cancelled) Duke University just closed their eyes, pretending nothing was happening! The University has to take some responsibility for their players!

Carey said...

"While we're on the subject of things every 5-year-old should know, I also recommend against dousing yourself in gasoline and striking a match."

*rolling on the floor laughing*

Good analogy.

Alexander Blair said...

Oh my goodness...that Ann Coulter quote is hilarious! :D

DAWEED said...

Wow what a double standard.
the whole mess got worse when they played the race card.