Friday, April 28, 2006

Standards of Justice, Episode II

2 Teens Charged in Attack at Texas Party: "Keith Robert Turner, 17, and David Henry Tuck, 18, are charged with aggravated sexual assault, investigators said. Prosecutors are considering whether to attach hate-crime charges, but unless the victim dies, the possible penalty would be the same. If the boy dies and it is ruled a hate crime, Tuck could face the death penalty, authorities said. Turner would be too young to face execution."

You can read the details of the attack after the jump, but I don't want to post it, 'cause its sick.
If the victim lives, then the to jerks are just charged with agrivated sexual assult. If he dies, they are charged with something slightly more, but still less then homicide.

However, for some reason when the race card is played as a 'hate crime', one of them is liable for the death penalty, and the other for life in prison. Don't get me wrong, if they're guilty they should be punished, and if the guy dies, I believe they have a strong case to be hung. However, why is it that a 'hate crime' is needed for that, instead of what, a love crime?


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

The 'hate crime' concept is a bit weird.

Palm boy said...

Its a liberal concept. Who cares why the crime was committed, as long as it's proven that it happened?

DAWEED said...

If i hate you that means I want you dead. not I want you dead becuase your a different race.