Sunday, April 09, 2006

Group burns Mexican flag in front of consulate

KVOA News 4, Tucson, Arizona - Group burns Mexican flag in front of consulate: "Dozens of protestors and counter protestors showed up in front of Tucson’s Mexican Consulate as a Mexican flag was burned in a heated debate that saw tempers flare.

Border Guardians, a group formed along the Arizona border to speak out against the estimated thousands of illegal immigrants that enter the U.S. every day through the Tucson sector, led the protest.

“Flags are symbols of government, not of people,' shouted Roy Warden, as a member of his group, Border Guardians, set foot to the Mexican Flag."

Hm. Don't know what to think of this.

See the protests in dallas? Take that LA, you ain't the only area with a bunch of crimminals!


k said...

I think flag burning is wrong, no matter who is doing it. There are far better ways for both sides to debate this issue.

Palm boy said...

Yes, there are better ways. And we've been doing that for years, without our leadership paying much attention. Now that we've got a bunch of criminals supporting their mother country, and trouncing US flags, hanging them upside down, placeing the Mexican flag on top of the US flag on Federal property, and burning the US flag at rallys, the politicians are listening. Just to the wrong group, because their pandering for a new voting block.
Maybe something like this will get their attention.

Brad said...

i got just one quetion for you. If we build a big wall seperating us from the mexicans, umm....whos gonna build it?

Palm boy said...

Acctually, that in itself could be a solution to this mess.

The illegals claim they are coming over because there isn't any work. Incedentally, Mexico has some of the largest concrete and block companies in the world. So, we out source the work to them, and they build the wall. A 700 mile wall will take several years to build, and they have employment off shoots that affect their economy for years.

Or we could just go do it ourselves. We built the highways and railroads, we can build a freaken wall.