Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Time to Seek "Hide and Seek"

“Chasing games,” such as tag, have been banned in a Massachusetts school due to collision-related injuries such as cuts and contusions. A few parents disagree with the school’s actions because they believe that it will limit socialization and would prefer that the children in attendance have the freedom to choose what games they will play at recess. Several other schools have made tag taboo as well.

I disagree with the school’s decision to police recess games. We’ve all gotten knocked around in some game or another, but what did it matter? We picked ourselves up and went right back to the game. Not only is the school micromanaging the kids to an extreme, but also now some of the children may even become more timid in their bearing and become weak adults, avoiding any confrontation at all costs. What’s next? No more Hide-and-Seek? Banning recess completely? It’s dangerous giving any school the power to dictate a student’s life to the letter, and yet we get closer to it every day.

DDL is a staff writer for Pushing Back the Frontiers of Ignorance.

Article source: WORLD Magazine, November 4, 2006, “Quick Takes”.


Palm boy said...

Competitive sports... Man those things are evil. :D

Anonymous said...

Schools have a lot bigger things to worry about then recess and some ensuing cuts and bruises, like what they are teaching these kids.

Palm Boy, competitive sports are only evil if there have to be "winners and losers." :D

By the way, what is that picture and where did you get it from?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

If we keep eliminating ways for people to hurt themsleves,
The stupid people won't die off like they're supposed.
THis will polute the gene pool

Anonymous said...

So we're teaching our kids that the world is nice and when they become adults, they won't get hurt, people will be completely honest, people won't trick you...

Wait I think some of the politicians are like this cuz they think we should give Iran more chances and talk to N Korea despite the fact that they have deceived the world for the past 10 yrs.

Palm boy said...

KA, I agree. Math and sciences are a higher priority.
Although this does raise an interesting question. If the schools are so concerned about obesity, then why are they taking out this form of exersise?

My picture? I made it on sunday. I took a picture of a Knight, a picture with a bunch of fire, and meshed them together. I love it.

Jason, We've still got the Darwin awards. And I don't think tag eliminates many people anyways.

Mercy, thats a good point.

Kingdom Advancer said...

Well, it's a pretty sweet picture, I'll give you that. And I don't use the adjective "sweet" for just anything. :D