Tuesday, January 29, 2008

...And then there were 4

So McCain has apparently taken the Florida Primary, much to my dismay and surprise.

Rudy is essentially out, his strategy of making a last stand in Florida just didn't pan out as his campaign expected. There are reports that he will drop out soon, and endorse, for what it's worth, John McCain.

So, we are now left to the choice of Mitt Romney, John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul.

I need some new news... I'm wearying of this election right now, and I don't think Super Tuesday will really decide anything for either party, other then John Edwards and Huckabee leaving the race.

In other news, police tasered a man on a bike for improper lighting.

Ok, so I've thought of some analogies for the current men in the republican race.
Mitt Romney:
Romney is Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic. The leader of the group, the most successful in the corporate world, and considered cold and uncaring at times. He also has the fantastic ability to stretch/contort to any shape, much as Romney's positions have undergone serious changes.
John McCain:
McCain is Ben Grimm, the Thing. He is the strongest and most aggressive candidate, and the most willing to solve problems by fighting. At times a bit of a maverick, and usually in some sharp disagreement with the Human Torch, he is fiercely loyal to what he believes. He's also made of rock, which is cool. But the heavier they are, the harder they fall, which we may see happen with McCain.
Mike Huckabee:
Huckabee is much like Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman. He is considered the most compassionate of the group, and sometimes attempts to keep the arguments from becoming too angry. When necessary, he can disappear from the scene, only to reappear when the timing is right. The ability to deflect attacks and criticisms is also very useful, and force field projection helps immensely in this arena.
Ron Paul:
Paul is Johnny Storm, The Human Torch. The maverick of the bunch, a fiery presence who knows what he thinks, and is not afraid to speak it. He often soars far above the others, both in his idealism and his ideas. Capable of both sustained fighting with fire, and the ability to fly when things become impossible, he always comes back to fight another day.

Please note, that was meant to be in good fun. If you were offended by your candidates characterization, please leave a better one of your own.


Daweed said...


SolaMeanie said...

Excellent, Robert..excellent!

Now, do this with the Democratic candidates, and boy could you have some fun! :0

In fact..I've got a few ideas that could well get me in trouble, sort of like poking a hornet's nest with a stick.

Kingdom Advancer said...

John Edwards has already dropped out. So, that's even less Super Tuesday news for you. Plus, I don't think Huckabee will drop out, at least, not right after Super Tuesday...unless he does terribly.

Palm boy said...

David, thanks.

Joel, thank you.
I'm torn on putting any hero label on the democrats. I could make Bill the Hulk, however. Generally mild mannered, but prone to bouts of anger and rage at inopportune times.

KA, Edwards is out. That suprised me a bit, but not a whole lot.
Huckabee's a wild card, because his funding is diminishing, and he has not shown really well since Iowa and New Hampshire.

Jeana said...

Wow, that's great, PB. I'm really impressed. I love the allusion to Agatha Christie's book! :)

Well, I had a lot of things to say from the last post, but their importance has paled in the face of two diseases that I am suffering from that the moment:
A severe head cold
Major political fatigue

In fact, I'm so sick of politics at the moment that if they made Hitlary president tomorrow, I would just go find a likely spot, dig a nice little cave, crawl in and plug the enterance.

Palm boy said...

I made an allusion without intending to.. I had to go look Agatha Christie up. :D

I'm hitting the political fatigue, but it's also addicting.

Take some water and a flashlight into that cave with you.

Jeana said...

Trust a silly girl with her head buried in the book shelves to see references to her dearly beloved books everywhere. Where they actually are, and where they actually are NOT. Sorry.

Water, check; flashlight, check; and some of those books, check. I'm all ready! :D