Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Hornets Nest of Mike Huckabee

I've been watching the rising star of Huckabee in this republican primary, and it worries me. While I think it is highly unlikely that he will win the nomination, or even more then 2 of the early primaries, Mike is becoming a force to be reckoned with.
This is unfortunate. While the evangelical right has rallied behind the man, I don't think there is a good outcome to this.
A. Huckabee will be soundly beaten in the primaries, and the evangelical right will be shown as both weak and beatable. Weather or not we have actually rallied behind Mike or not, his status as the southren baptist pastor will create an image that is unshakable.
B. Huckabee will win the primary, and go absolutely nowhere in the general election.
Clinton vs. Huckabee? Clinton by a good margin, and we have our first woman president.
Obama vs. Huckabee? Obama in a landslide.
While Huckabee is more conservative then either of the two, he is not radically enough different from democrats to win.

So, here are my issues with Huckabee, and why I regretfully am regarding him as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Huckabee's illegal immigration 'report card', as well as the other candidates.
- Americans for Better Immigration
Huckabee's individual report, with an overview and explanation of where he has stood.
- Individual report card
His stance is remarkably similar to W's, and just as harmful. Wishy-washy talk with only a modicum of improvement.
Huckabee's past actions are also weak, inadequate, or simply pandering to both the Republic of Mexico and her citizens residing in the US.
A governor that will appropriate $3,000,000 of state funds to build a consulate in his non-border state, has some issues. I also am disturbed by In-state funding for illegal immigrants at state schools, which are not applicable to American Citizens from a different part of the country.

2. Taxes
Huckabee did cut taxes 94 times, equaling $380 million. I applaud that, and think that standing by itself, its a wonderful statistic. In general, indicative of a conservative leader.
But contrast it with the other side of the coin, where he raised taxes 21 times, equaling $505 million. This is not at all indicative of conservative leadership.
While the budget surplus did increase, the state constitution requires that the budget be balanced, unless a majority electoral vote is taken. With the expanding economy, and his gubernatorial career starting and ending on economic high notes, it would be difficult to fathom running a deficit from one who claims fiscal conservation.

3. Evolution in the class room.
While Huckabee believes evolution is a complete fraud, as it is, but he will not alter the school curriculum in use. Rather then pushing for a more balanced system, he will continue to give his tacit consent to the teaching of lies to children.
-December 17, 2007. Huckabee is on Larry King Live.
KING: You've said that you do not believe in evolution. That being a given, how would you deal with the teaching of it in the classroo
: The same way I did as a parent, the same way I did as a governor. I don't get into that. I'm not a science teacher. I don't write the curriculum for the science books.
My kids, Larry, went to the public schools of Arkansas. I was the first governor in 50 years whose kids had all of their first through 12th grade education in the Arkansas public schools.
So, you know, when people say oh, what is he going to do to the textbooks -- well, if I was going to do it, I would have done it when I was governor. Presidents have nothing to do with the curriculum of education.

4. Huckabee's music
HUCKABEE: But I want to make a point about education. The real education issue that I've been pushing has been to increase music and art instruction. I did it as a governor. That's where my passion was, because I think our education system is failing kids because we're not touching the right side of the brain -- the creative side.
So the real reform in education needs to be teaching more music, painting and sculpting.
I think we need to teach more good, quality, history, accurate science, and less superfluous culture education.
Music is wonderful, but what does the right side of the brain do to prepare the majority of students into productive workers?

5. Pardons
Huckabee issued more then twice as many pardons in his tenure as the past three candidates combined. His term lasted a full decade, the others combined for almost two, for 17 years. I find that concerning.
Heh. Probably the most interesting pardon involves a man who was on trial for rape, castrated, convicted, pardoned, and then killed a woman after his pardon.
I find this a uniquely Arkansas story.
- Associated Press


SolaMeanie said...

Add one more to the list. I am chagrined by anyone playing a Fender bass. Ewww.

Rickenbacker all the way. ;)

Seriously, I share your reservations. In fairness to Mike H, the tax issue needs closer scrutiny. I understood that some of those tax increases were by court order and/or referendum.

His stances on immigration and having a robust foreign policy concern me the most.

kingdavid said...

I have to admit--I have not even gotten in line for this roller coaster. I haven't followed the debates, nor read anything about what any of them are doing. I'll start thinking about it when we get a little close to the election, or our state's primary.

Besides, why read about Huckabee, when there's a great story about a snake eating golf balls in Australia, being saved by the chicken farmers who it was trying to steal eggs from, and having a vet perform surgery to save its thieving skin. That's much more interesting at this point.

Gino said...

huck is so much like bill clinton in his professional life it aint even funny.
you didnt mention the furniture he stole frome the governor's mansion, did you? $80k worth.

basically, the only thing that separates him from bill is the blow jobs.
and blow jobs are not very important. (politically, i mean)

Kingdom Advancer said...

Point A:

If Huckabee wins Iowa, that probably won't happen. And the fact that you "might get beaten" is not a reason not to support a candidate, especially in the primaries!

Point B:

Obama in a landslide? How do you figure?

Huckabee would tout a lot more experience. Obama has NO executive experience. And although Obama is the master of "hope speech," (coin that for me) Huckabee ranks second in this race in that category. He is the funniest, most likable, most compassionate sounding man in the race--on either side.
He would get pro-lifers. He would get proponents of marriage.
He would get pro-gunners. And he's still a lot more fiscally conservative than Obama. He's dedicated to winning in Iraq; Obama is not.
Moreover, Huckabee would garner the support of Christians, like me, who want their President to take his faith seriously.

Clinton by a good margin?

Huckabee has already beaten the Clinton machine. A large percentage of the population already dislikes Hillary. And most of what I said about facing Obama applies against Clinton, as well.

I'm sorry you don't provide for a "C" scenario.

I'd be more worried about Romney and Giulani. Giulani could vaporize a lot of the Christian right's traditional support of the Republican party, and rightfully so. I will not support him.

I can't trust Romney, and I think a lot of other people feel the same way. I don't want to vote for a Mormon, and I don't want to vote for a person who has just become a conservative recently.

Fred Thompson is not a perfect candidate, and he doesn't look like he's going anywhere. Also, he's lackluster. I don't know how he'd fare going up against Obama.

John McCain is a whole lot worse on immigration (and I think taxes, too) than Huckabee, and he's got other issues, as well.

I was going to ask you to replace "The Christmas Watch" link with my relatively new blog, "We Want a Christian President," but maybe you don't want to. It's okay if you don't.

Kingdom Advancer said...

For the rest of the post:

Taxes: Romney has raised taxes, too, and, as I alluded to, McCain was against the Bush tax cuts.

Immigration: Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't Giulani and Romney have less-than-stellar records on immigration, as well? They've all toughened up, thanks to Tom Tancredo.

Evolution in the classroom: You may have a point here, but this is bad in comparison to whom? Giulani, who thinks a lot of the Bible is "analogical"? Or Romney, who "may interpret the Bible different than you"?

Musical education: Perhaps, just maybe, a better-developed mind, with a well-rounded person, would create a more productive citizen. Don't you think?

Paroles: I'm still working through this issue, but check this out:


Guitarman said...

Newsmax had Huckabee beating Hillary by a larger margin than any of the other republican candidates. But I agree Mike isn't all that impressive as a candidate. His answer about leaving evolution in the classrooms shows his ignorance. Until they can make something out of nothing (the big bang) and create life from non life, then they shouldn't be teaching evolution in science classes at all. And don't forget that we still have not observed a single beneficial mutation in all of observed and recorded science.

Mercy Now said...

Honestly, I don't think any Rep will win the Pres unless some big terrorist act occurs within or outside of our country.

Gino said...

a christian president who takes his faith seriously?

in what way?

is stealing public property a christian way?
can any serious christian rise to the top of the fecal dump that is AR politics?

what kind of christian? only the fundamentalist kind?
would mother teresa, were she still alive, be christian enough?

i vote issues. pro-life(first). expansion of liberty. a small state. low taxation.

i dont care how well the guy knows his bible verses, or if he can pass a theology exam. or whether he was baptised immersion or not.
or even not at all.

Kingdom Advancer said...

What I mean by "taking his faith seriously" is that he doesn't say, "I have a strong faith, but it won't effect my decisions"... or "I believe there is a place for faith in America--it just doesn't belong in the public sphere"... or "I believe in the Bible, but I may interpret it differently than you" (a.k.a., Mitt Romney, Mormon: the Bible is only infallible and inerrant so far as it has been interpreted correctly, which is determined by Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, etc.; the Bible isn't the only inspired book; the Mormon church is the One True Church; complete salvation can only be attained through it; perfection can be achieved by men, and those fully following Mormonism's tenets can achieve godhood and inherit their own universes; God was once a man; etc.)..... or "I believe in the Bible, but I believe a lot of it is analogical, and I've been divorced twice and married thrice, and I believe we should allow the slaughter of the unborn, and the devaluing of marriage" (a.k.a., Rudy Giulani)...

I vote issues as well. I won't vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama because they say they're Christians. Whatever kind of Christianity that is is worthless in the public sphere.
But I do think that a truly Christian President, if there is a candidate that can meet that criteria, would benefit this country. See my blog to find out why.

Palm boy said...

Joel, I don't know what a Fender is, but if you don't like it, I'll take your word. :D
I do like Huckabee's fair tax plan.

KD, the coaster really just started. Texas' primary is on Febuary 2, I don't know when Minnesota's is, but it's getting close.
Fascinating and yet strangely disgusting story. Real hard news like that does need to be reported more often. :D

Gino, That is a story I hadn't heard. True though, I looked it up and I'll blog it in a bit. Thanks.

KA, thats where you've been hiding under. My RSS for Kingdom Advancing hadn't updated in a long time. I'll make a link, if you link back. :D
A I don't think it will matter in Michigan, Florida, New Hampshire, or South Carolina who wins in Iowa. This is a new process. If Romeney wins, it won't matter much to him, Iowa is not his Alamo. Huckabee is a different matter. In the other states his showing is no where near as strong, and the other front runners have put a sustained effort into those other states.
B Obama and Huckabee have the same message, one of hope. Factor in that Obama is a cool candidate, the first genuine chance we have ever had at a black man, and one so young, being president. Huckabee's unique factor is that he's a southern baptist pastor.
Obama in a landslide. Just the way I see it.
Hope speech is a good term, I like it.

Lifers and Family voters will vote for any candidate who's republican, be it Huckabee or Thompson. They most certifiably will not vote democrat. It is not a swing vote, but a vote that is already devoted to one party. The democrat candidate will not, and should not expect anything from the Christian right.
Iraq is sadly no longer the issue it once was, and if any canididate can lay claim to responsibility for that, John McCain legitimatly can.

Hilary would beat Huckabee. While she may be shrill, the party and the evangelical feminists would rally to her like no other, and it would be 'cool' to have the first woman president.
While I would vastly prefer Huck to Hil, I don't believe he would win a general election for president against her, particularly with a record as open to question as his is.

Rudy and Mitt both have their concerns, but neither of them have lined themselves up as the 'Christian candidate', nor have they attacked the faith of others running in the race. That matters more to me and the future of the party then does Rudy's family affairs or Mitt's Massachusetts origins.

Fred? I'm starting to like him more as this week passes.

I don't support Romney! Why is it every time Huckabee is brought up to anyHuckabee supporter, Romney is brought up? There are other candidates in the race.
It could very easily be pointed out that Mitt was doing the will of the people of his state, which has a rather liberal legislature. The same cannot be said of Mike.

Immigration Less-then-stellar records, but neither of them spent 3 million from state funds to build a Mexican consolate, nor did they give public lands to a forign power. Thompson, Hunter, and Paul have all been rocks on immigration, not so for Huckabee and McCain. The difference is that everyone knows it about McCain, but not about Huckabee. He has obfuscated his record quite well.

Evolution Rudy's position I can respect, because he does not believe in creation, and is thus continuing in his belief. Mike's is just a blantant continuation of what he believes (rightly) to be a lie.
Mormons and christians, politically, generally have the same agendas. While I disagree with mormonism, someone's faith in it does not automatically disqualify them for me.

Musical Education
At a time where out science, mathmatics and english scores are dropping compared to the rest of the world, I don't think taking more time out of the daly schedule for a jam session is a good move.

This is just one such parole/pardon out of more then 1,000, and the prosecutors believed many of these to be suspect. It's just hard to trust a man who lets murduers walk free.

Guitarman, can you leave a link for the Newsmax poll?
Your right about evolution though.

Mercy, I think we have a very good shot with Rudy, Mitt, Fred, maybe even John. But with Huckabee, Paul or even Hunter, not happening.

Gino, thanks. Pretty much my position.

kingdavid said...

Did you guys hear about the flaming squirrel carcass that set a woman's car on fire?

Just thought I'd bring you all back to reality for a while, and focus on the important stories going on.

Kingdom Advancer said...

Okay, I'll link you under "Sites that Have Linked WWCP without Officially Joining the Effort." You'll be in with the likes of Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter.


Here's my theory with how the Iowa results will affect everything else:

Huckabee will catapult over Giulani into third place in New Hampshire. McCain will pull ahead of Romney. Then...

The blows of Iowa and New Hampshire will make Romney lose in Michigan to Huckabee, who is right on Mitt's tail in that state. Then...

With the boosts from his performances in the first three states, Huckabee will get a similar evangelical turnout in South Carolina that he did in Iowa and win there.

From the boost of Iowa, Michigan, and South Carolina victories (and beating Giulani in New Hampshire), Huckabee will win Florida. He's only 2 points behind Giulani right now.

The cool factor is a big one, especially if Obama can energize the young, college vote. But experience counts, too. And keep in mind that Obama hasn't really been beat up yet.
And, no matter how cool he is, most conservatives--and even a lot of moderates--won't vote for him.

If Giulani is the nominee, the Republicans can NOT count on the Christian conservative, life, family voting bloc. Mitt Romney would struggle to get all of it, as well, because of his flip-flopping and Mormonism. It's not that they'll turn Democrat, it's that they'll go third-party...or not vote at all.
Fred Thompson would get it, although his states' rights speel is uninspiring, if you ask me (as is his whole demeanor).

Hillary: Maybe this is just Iowa, but it looks like voters are tired of the old establishment stuff and aren't going to "flock to her like no other." The thing about your statement is that it can be reversed: Republicans and all who dislike Hillary (which has been listed anywhere between 40% and 60%of the population) would flock AGAINST her like no other.

Who has attacked another's faith? Huckabee's statement about Mormonism may not only be true, but it's awfully mild. Mitt doesn't want to attack another's faith because he can't handle his being scrutinized. Rudy doesn't want to attack another's faith because he's not exactly standing on a firm foundation.

Romney's Mormonism and Rudy's Immorality are both very important to me.
Rudy: What does "I do, I will, faithfully, 'til death, etc." mean to him? What does a basic sense of morality and decency mean to him? He shrugs it off with, "Everybody makes mistakes." That's a pretty shabby form of repentance. Not only that, that's not the example I want for Citizen Number One.

Romney: Mormons believe that God was once a man, that Mormons will one day be gods, that the Bible is only inerrant as far as its been translated correctly, that the Mormon Church is the one true church and the only one through which complete salvation can be achieved, and many other heretical things. That's not important to you? I explain on my blog why a candidate's Christianity is important to me.


Okay, I understand now that you don't support Romney.
Actually, Huckabee got tax cuts through a Democratic legislature. And besides, it's not okay for Romney to raise taxes just because it was the will of the people (which is rarely the case anyway).

Kingdom Advancer said...

Huckabee, the Club for Growth, and Taxes:


Round number 2:

I like Duncan Hunter, too, but his chances are looking slimmer and slimmer. 1% of the vote in Iowa? Not much to build on. He could drop out soon.

I try my hardest not to be pragmatic. That's why I'm not going to support Mitt Romney or Rudy Giulani. But a certain amount of realism has to enter into the discussion. I think Huckabee has a real shot. Hunter needs some sort of bombshell to get into the race.
Paul says some good things, and then some not-so-good things. His foreign policy could be a literally TERRIfying experiment.

That's all I can really say right now, because I have yet to do my comprehensive analyses on taxes and immigration.

Palm boy said...

KD, I appreciate the update from the outside world. Vitally important, that.

Kingdom, link swap complete. :D

Huckabee does seem to be riding a much stronger wave of momentum, at least in the media, then I expected.
While your scenario is foreseeable, I'm not confident in it.
Not that I have a better version to offer... :D

Rudy is the wild card in the mix. If he doesn't take a single first place before super Tuesday, then he's out of the race. If he wins even one, however, then I believe he is the most competitive candidate on the republican side.

Hilary's negatives can be minimized. If John F. Kerry can run a close race to Bush, Hil can run a good race, and probably win when lined up against many candidates.

Christianity is certainilly a bonus in a candidate, but it is not the deciding factor, or even a contributing factor. As long as his political goals align with my own, I do not care which creed he choses to follow.

Rudy has made personal mistakes. Everyone has, his are just more blatant to everyone because of the impact they have had on other people.

Gino said...

and would a real christian steal and lie?

Kingdom Advancer said...


I always to hate to say stuff like this when a person goes to the trouble of linking me, but the link won't work because you put two slashes at the end.

The one thing I didn't really take into account with my predictions is that, if McCain wins New Hampshire, he might vault over Romney AND Huckabee in Michigan, South Carolina, etc.

I think it will be a close race no matter who runs on either side. I think that's the nature of our country right now. There's no Ronald Reagan-Walter Mondale matchup out there.

I agree that everyone makes mistakes, but for Giulani to renig on two commitments as monumental as marriage (especially when he's on the wrong side of the civil unions debate), and to be estranged from his children, those aren't small matters for the leader, the First Man, of our country.

Kingdom Advancer said...
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Kingdom Advancer said...


The answer is yes, occasionally, in a weak moment--though a real Christian should repent for it.

As for what you are referring to in particular, I don't think that issue is as clearcut as you make it out to be. Or else, we should be hearing about it awfully soon if Romney gets desperate.