Saturday, January 12, 2008

Titletowns back in buisness

Seattle Seahawks: 20

Green Bay Packers: 42

Yep. Back in business, headed to the championship.

How 'bout them packers!


Gino said...

just better pray the cowboys lose.

Palm boy said...

Hah! How 'bout those giants!

Gino said...

dude, i was so happy the giants beat the Boys.
most of the guys i work with are dallas fans (most mexicans are).

was hearing my share of smack this season.
now, hehehe...

i dont think the pack can beat the boys, especially not in TX.
but i think they can beat the giants at lambeau.
giants are tough,though.

SolaMeanie said...


You are from Texas. Texas

Whassamatta-U? :O

Palm boy said...

Gino, I was pretty happy too, being in the center of the Cowboys spin zone.

I didn't think the packers had very good odds in dallas either.

Joel, hah. Why cheer for the Cowboys when the Packers are around?

Mercy Now said...

I dont care much for the Pats so the only team that could possibly beat them is one that has high power offense. Maybe the Packs will do it.

Daweed said...


Guitarman said...

If the Packers lose by 14 in the Super Bowl is it still a successful season? Think Vikings! My problem is this, I hate GB, Dallas, and the Pats. So what I'm hoping for is a miracle. the Giants and Chargers to win. That way we here in Minnesota can say we beat both of the teams in the superbowl by 30 points in 2007!