Friday, June 20, 2008

Review: The Incredible Hulk

I went into this movie with trepidation, because the first Hulk movie directed by Ang Lee in 2003 was atrocious. After being blown away with the marvelous Ironman, I was expecting mediocrity or even worse, boredom from The Incredible Hulk.

What we have is something entirely different, a blazing locomotive of comic book dialog, plot, and most importantly fierce action.
Where Spiderman was a mostly introspective look at a young man growing up, Incredible Hulk is a man dealing with the beast within, and the world having to deal with him as well.

If you're not familiar with the basic story, here it is:
Dr. Bruce Banner is transformed into a raging monster, aka The Incredible Hulk, by a bad science experiment. When he's angry or his heart rate goes up, he transforms into this monster, who is somewhat animistic in thought processes. One of the few people who can calm him is Dr. Betty, a fellow researcher whom he loves. The world fears him, and generally tries to capture or destroy him. As a man, Dr. Banner is a brilliant scientist, respected by those who don't know his inside. As a beast, the Hulk is a force of nature, well nigh invincible.

The Hulk character has always walked a fine line, a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on a gargantuan scale. From a development standpoint, making Bruce Banner a likable hero is difficult, as his Hulk form is quite destructive.
In this movie, they struck the right balance. The Hulk scenes were brutal and intense, and the rest of the movie was peppered with the necessary introspection that was hit and miss.
Will I see it again? Definetly.
Buy the DVD? I think I will.


Solameanie said...
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Solameanie said...

Oops. I'll try that again. The link was broken.

Wonder how long it will take someone to make a movie of the comic book "The Mighty Thor."

Then we can have more witnessing opportunities to those who still worship Norse "gods."

ROFL. Sorry, Robert..couldn't resist. BTW, you should check out Frank Turk's blog. He uses comic book heroes and villains as graphics. Here's the link.

Solameanie said...

News flash...USA Today says they are indeed making a movie of "The Mighty Thor."

Sometimes I amaze myself.

Palm boy said...

Joel, thanks for the link.
The Marvel comic Thor is a pretty good story actually. Obviously it's up and down, but some of the story arcs are really good. I knew they were working on a movie, as well as one for Captain America. It's a good setup for an Avengers movie, with Capt. America, Ironman and Thor working together to chase down the Hulk, and eventually Dr. Banner joining the Avengers.

Wittnessing, whatever. Popular movies are a pretty lousy avenue anyways.