Friday, June 27, 2008

Review: Wall-E

I journeyed to a midnight showing last night for Wall-E with a group of fellow youth, and after some film mishaps with melting celuloid, we watched the movie.

It starts slow and never picks up. While Pixar has done a marvelous job creating a sense of wonder and fallen majesty with the earth, it is seldom engaging.
Essentially, a large corporation has over run earth and made dump of it, and sent humanity away while they clean it up. What isn't clear is the incentive for the earth to be a dump, nor for the company to clean up.
So after 700 years, one lone robot remains, and cheerfully cleans earth. His name is Wall-E, and his friend is a cockroach. Only Pixar could manage to make us sympathize with a cockroach, but they do.
After a while, a different robot, Eve, is dropped on earth and scans for life. Wall-E and eve fall in love. After various exciting times, they deliver a plant to the mother ship, and the computer fights returning to earth.

As a kids movie, I imagine it will succede. It's clever, well animated, and cleaner then a bottle of bleach. I somewhat enjoyed it, but I'm not paying to watch it again.
Nemo, Incredibles, Monster's Inc and Toy Story are far better products.


Solameanie said...

I'm tempted to send you a CD of "I Robot" by the Alan Parsons Project. That bot looks just like the one on the CD cover.

Palm boy said...

aw... Alan Parsons Project makes some darn fine music.
Sirius is one I really like.