Sunday, June 29, 2008

Review: Get Smart

I went into this movie with fear and trepidation. Fear, because I was forking over 36 minutes of my time to pay for this film, plus popcorn money. Trepidation, because this movie had all the signs of having all the funny parts in the trailer.

My concerns were unwarranted.

Get Smart is a funny, adventurous, well scripted, scored and acted affair, and it carries itself well despite a shaky plot. Having never seen the TV show, I can't compare the two. It's a series of jokes strung together well enough that you forget it's a series of jokes, and thats all we can ask from an action comedy.

It's clean as a skinned potato on the language front, and with very little objectionable content anywhere else. It's consistently humorous in an intelligent fashion, and enjoyable despite some pretty snarky political shots, although those went both ways.
I probably won't pay to see this again in theaters, but I wouldn't be surprised if my family wound up with it on DVD.

Not that this is become a movie review site, I just haven't found a lot of news that interests me at this time, and subsequently no posts on news I don't care about. Thanks for sticking around folks.


Gino said...

your movie reviews are coming along well.
doing a good job at it, and i mean that.

'get smart' was a show from my youth. the last was a movie from '78 called 'the naked bomb' that was recieved well in its day.

if you get a chance, try to find some original tv episodes of this show and watch them. very funny, and the humor is clean (as was all tv humor in those days)

Palm boy said...

Thanks Gino, you inspired 'em. :D

I didn't know they had movies before this one, I thought it was just a TV show.

Gino said...

actually, it was just one movie.
correction: its called The Nude Bomb.

back in the day, it was well anticipated by us youngins, and talked about for months. we were all get smart fans.

the show was in syndication by the time we started watching it. it was one of those shows played during the day, when home from school sick, on the indy channels, like 13 or 11. (before cable)
twilight zone was another.

Palm boy said...

Syndicated shows are great. I think I've been through every episode of the Cosby Show and I Love Lucy with those channels.