Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Con. Poe of Texas lays down reality on Energy Bill

"Gasoline nears $4 a gallon, and congress doesn't have an energy plan except 'turn on these light bulbs'. I yearn for the day when Americans took care of Americans by developing our natural resources...but those days have gone the way of Edison's incandescent light bulbs. We might as well turn out the lights, the parties over."

In case this has slipped under your radar, the new energy bill requires the use of Florescent light bulbs rather then incandescent bulbs by 2010, for enviromental reasons. The tyranny and hypocrisy of such measures is astounding.


FAICA Soldier said...

Not to mention that fluorescents are a nasty light source. I get headaches just thinking about them. Luckily my desk faces an unlit wall so I can effectively ignore them. This Nissan office, luckily, has so many large windows that the sun light over powers the fluorescents most of the time.

We are not going to have an America that pursues the best as long as the government keeps regulating against competition. It is crazy how much time they spend worrying about Microsoft having a monopoly as their success has naturally lead to growth. Then when it comes to the auto manufacturing and airline industries the big companies get government safety nets whenever new competition threatens to offer the same product/service at a lower cost.

We are caught in a nasty circle where innovation has become an expensive liability rather than the formula for success.

Solameanie said...

I've been slowly stocking up on regular incandescent bulbs so I'll have enough to last for years. It's my small way of holding on to tradition, and thumbing my nose at Algore and his environazis.

I just might start burning hog tallow candles too, just so I can put some soot into the atmosphere.

Palm boy said...

Headaches, no good.

We are caught in a nasty circle where innovation has become an expensive liability rather than the formula for success.

That pretty much sums it up.

Joel, I'm going to have to do that. Lightbulbs are my traditional birthday gift.

BCBCFriend said...

Let's go one better - in the true American "can-do" spirit. How about some techy people figure out how to make a lightbulb, start building the jigs and such to make them, and secure some long term raw materials sources? Hording lightbulbs is not the best use of our talents here in America, but having the ability to make an endless supply of them is.

Palm boy said...

You mean make the incandesants at home? loi...

I personally think LEDs are going to make this mostly irrelevant in 4 years, but thats just me.

Jeana said...

Ace wants to make guns for a living and I want to make incandesant lightbulbs. We figure that the government will outlaw both (already for the bulbs), and people will pay good money to get them. We'd probably make a killing! :D