Thursday, August 07, 2008

How the Mighty have Fallen

Yahoo Sports:
"The Green Bay Packers reached an agreement Wednesday night to trade their three-time MVP and Super Bowl-winning quarterback to the New York Jets, ending an emotionally grinding month of indecision over Favre’s future."

Aaah... the saga of Favre that I've avoided for so long has come to a conclusion. The Mighty Man of Mississippi, the Legend of Lambeau, and the greatest quarterback the world has ever known, is no longer a Green Bay Packer.

He's a New York Jet.

Mercifully, this isn't the Bears. This isn't the Vikings.

He's a Jet. I'm a Packers fan, but also a Favre Fan. So I'll track the jets much closer.
Tom Brady vs. Brett Favre? Twice???
Brett Favre the small town boy going to the bright lights of the big apple?

Aaron Rodgers had better be worth all this trouble and pain.


Gino said...

brett brought it upon himself.

Solameanie said...

That movie scene's lines from Chuck Heston would be oh, so appropriate...

"You've done it! You ----!! You've finally done it!"

Expletive deleted, of course. :)

I think Paul McCartney also has a song named "Jet" that might be appropriate.

kingdavid said...

Sorry PB; I wouldn't even rank him in the top 10 all-time greatest QB's.

He won exactly the same number of Super Bowls as Trent Dilfer.

He was exciting to watch at times, and won some games for the pack with his exploits, he also probably lost more games for the pack because of his exploits.

Nope, he was a better QB than most who have played, but definitely not the greatest.

travis ham said...

I have to think that both of these videos are pretty appropriate for the occasion. First, one to go with your theme:

And just for Brett:

Incidentally, wasn't he going to retire - again?

Guitarman said...

Unless he's superman...he won't be adequate. Aaron that is.

Palm boy said...

Gino, I think the team is more at fault here. He's by far the better QB.

Sola, Thanks. I don't know what 'Jet' is all about, but I generally avoid the beetles. :D

KD, kick a man while he's down. Thanks.
But All time TD champ, most games won, most games consecutively played, most pass completions, most yards, and a super bowl ring? The greatest.

Travis... I like the simpsons one.
This jet one is strange. Strange.
And so what if he retires?

Brett Favre has no kryptonite. :D