Friday, August 15, 2008

Review: Star Wars The Clone Wars

Let me preface this by informing you of my star wars history.

I love it.
The greatest saga ever spun by man onto the silverscreen, with great games to immerse for hundreds of hours on end, and numerous books to enjoy for thousands of hours on end.
I took 9 people to the midnight show last night, and yes, we played with lightsabers. A lot.

So with that, I was still fully prepared for this movie to be an attrotious abomination of all things Star Wars. It's animated, it's the prequel trilogy, it's sorta strange looking, John Wiliams had little hand in the score, and the voice acting is usually by different characters.

With that said, I was pleasantly surprised about this movie. I enjoyed it, and I felt like a kid again, with all the wonder and excitement that the sound and fury of a galaxy far, far away can bring to bear.
While the dialogue was clunky, I didn't really care. This movie is almost a 60/40 split between action and talking, and the action is where it shines. Immensely.
Brilliant animation style throughout the battles, in and out of enemy lines, odd angles, and terrific action shots. It is truly something to enjoy.

What I didn't like was the story telling format. This movie is actually a combination of 4 TV episodes, kicking off a TV season of the same style this fall. (Which has me excited). There's basically 4 acts, and while they are not specifically delineated, it is a subtle presence throughout the film. Sorta irritating.
Anikins new padawan apprentice is somewhat annoying herself, but also has flashes of good dialogue.
In the end, a plot that is somewhat lacking in any logical sense is what hampers this movie. But a good suspension of disbelief does wonders for that. :D

I'm giving this essentially a 4/10. I enjoyed it, and it felt like star wars at times, but not all the time, and the plot really is shaky.
I might take my younger cousins to see it again this weekend, as it really is targeted at the 12 and under crowd.


Michelle said...

Too bad. Your cousins are gone this week to Hot Springs. I am sure they would enjoy it.

Solameanie said...

How could Anakin have a Padawan at such a young age? "The Force is strong with this one!"

I hope somewhere down the line that Jar Jar Binks gets it with a lightsaber. Was there ever a character in modern cinema more irritating?

Nah, lose the lightsaber. Instead, a slow grilling with force lightning.

Palm boy said...

They'll come back sometime this week. :D

Joel, the force is strong with this one.
Such virulent hatred for a character I liked... I don't understand it.

KnightWing said...

I honestly hated the movie. It has all the materials to craft a great work of art, but instead it resorts to constant repetitious jokes and lackluster action.
The battles are spectacular to be sure, but they lack a certain style. They don't have the sharp style and pacing of the previous animated Clone Wars series, and aren't realistic enough to be anywhere near as good as what was seen in the live-action films.

Hopefully the TV series will be better; I'm still holding out hope.

Gino said...

you felt like a kid again?

now, go see Hell Ride, and you can feel like a man again.

Palm boy said...

Hey Knightwing, I love your blog. Like, really. I spent 32 minutes on it yesterday.
If they ever get around to this TV show, it will be better for it's medium.

Thanks Gino. Thats what I need. ::rolls eyes::

Celestial Fundie said...

You watch a lot more movies than I do.

All-American Girl said...

hey that was pretty good,
i saw it with some college girlfriends, since we had seen Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and all,

but i was surprised, not bad for an animated flick,

and thanks.