Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Russia continues into Georgia, Diplomatic Ceasefire notwithstanding

AP: "Defying a cease-fire agreement, a Russian military convoy rolled through a strategically important Georgia city Wednesday and Georgian officials claimed there was looting and bombing by Russians and their allies.
An Associated Press reporter saw dozens of Russian trucks and armored vehicles leaving the city of Gori, some 20 miles south of the separatist region of South Ossetia and home of a key highway that divides Georgia in two, and moving deeper into Georgia."

The historical trend of military force overpowering diplomatic intrigue continues.

The US is getting in the act now, with a good dose of humanitarian aide. Yippie Ki Yay.

The Georgian President is one of heck of a public relations man too, more interviews with networks, papers, and websites then I care to count today. Some of it's been a little strange, but his point remains the same: This isn't about Georgia, its about the Russian reestablishment of the empire.

EDIT: As much as I dislike The Sun in general, they have a good article on the status at the moment.


Celestial Fundie said...

You are able to name a British newspaper and hold an opinion on it? I am impressed with your international outlook.

I think empire is a misleading term to use.

Russia wants to keep its former territories within its sphere of influence, just as we would like to have them in ours.

We also need to keep in mind that the South Ossetian minority see themselves as Russian rather than Georgian. Their ethnic identity is tied to Russia.

God Bless


Palm boy said...

Haha... yep. I'm actually pretty partial to the Times, and the Daily Mail does some pretty good pieces when they do their research.

A sphere of influence is one thing, invasion and occupation is quite another.
Thanks for commenting!

Celestial Fundie said...

I hate the Daily Mail.

It is such a hypocritical paper. They give plenty of moral outrage, yet they have plenty of photos of scantily clad celebrities and gossip within.

The Daily Mail supported fascism before the war and it promotes prejudice towards immigrants these days.

I like the Daily Telegraph, but I like to read the Guardian too for a more left-liberal balance.

Every Blessing in Christ


Solameanie said...

I regularly follow the BBC, and often take glances at the Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, and the Sun. Of all of them, I would have to prefer the Telegraph. After all, I'm an American Tory. (smile)