Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Famous DC: "Here’s how it went down. [Congressman] Massa drove one fuel cell car while a hybrid SUV towing an additional SUV followed along. Once he got half way, he switched to new fuel cell car. The empty fuel cell was then towed back by the first SUV. As he continued on his journey, the second SUV followed. Once Massa arrived in DC, the second SUV then towed the second fuel cell car back to NY." Environmentally speaking, that makes about as much sense as setting someone's backyard ablaze with 20 gallons of gasoline.

WSFA: "the head of the Alabama NAACP, however, wants Mobile's Azalea Trail Maids to stay home on Inauguration Day, claiming the group reminds him of slavery.

"These are not just regular costumes. These are the costumes that remind someone of the plantation in Gone with the Wind," Edward Vaughn said in a phone interview."

Actually, I agree with this stance. There really is no other time period this goes back to then the Antebellum south, who's wealth was often built upon the backs of black slaves. Whoever set this up for the presidential inauguration wasn't thinking.


No2Bpencil said...
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No2Bpencil said...

This is utterly ridiculous! Its a dress for crying out loud! A frilly beautiful dress!

I would also like to point out that the woman, Carolyn Tius of Montgomery, who is quoted in the article saying, "I don't see what the dresses have to do with racism. I don't see it. It's just a regular dress to me. Just a dress they wore back in the day," Is in fact, Black, herself.

Also, in the video news story they make a point of telling that 11 of the ladies are from different minorities including negros!

It is ridiculous for NAACP to be crying racism, when the race that it is supposed to be racist against IS PARTICIPATING.

What you take from this, is what you choose to. If you CHOOSE to take it as being racists, simply because the new president is black, then that is your own personal choice. That is not the intent.

I would also like to quote "brian" who commented on the original article

"I am laughing so hard because this is so typical. I say the following in only partial jest: Mark my words. Soon after Obama is sworn in, you will see certain politicians campaging to have the name of the White House changed due to 'racial overtones'. Also, the cleaning product 'Spic and Span' will be outlawed due to the same. The dept of the interior will ban the use of the name 'Jewfish' as the name of an actual fish do to the PC police. Children will no longer be allowed to eat 'brownies'. And, you will be deported if you own an 'oriental' rug. God help this country. Please!!"

Gino said...

thats bullshot,palmboy.

you probably also think civil war renactors should not bring their flag to battles.

and if southern cultural traditions are so offensive to negroes, then maybe they can all stop talking the way they do, and forget about all that soul food and bbq they like to eat.

Jeana said...

Wait a sec... Barack Hussein Obama--son of white American woman and a black African muslim. Did I miss something there? Like no slavery in that ancestry.

Regardless, those dresses are historically laughable.

Daweed said...

I think the key point here is who are they trying to promote?
had it been a senator from alabama as president than nobody would have cared. Since this is the inauguration of the first black president in U.S. history.

I personally don't like civil war re-enactments after at age 5 i stuck my hand in a prickly pear cactus and spent the next 3 hours of the battle picking out needles with my teeth.

God bless the south, but somebody should have spent more time thinking about who they are representing here, I am not of the mindset that the civil war was about slavery and keeping the blacks down. It was about states rights and slavery being one of them.

Had these dresses been a large factor in the north I don't believe this would be an issue.

Daweed said...

Why cant there be a group of women wearing Burkhas?

Just to emphasize the president-elect middle name.

Jeana said...

Good point, Daweed! Very good point indeed. I think that's an excellent idea. After all, our dear President to be will probably place his hand on the Koran when he takes his oath. Why not make it a huge Muslim event and do everything the Islam way? It would be wise to promote the religion of peace--the soon to be state religion. heh heh heh

Snickering Corpses said...

Tis worth pointing out, in fairness, that a good bit of Northern wealth was built on the backs of slaves, too. Not only did the North have some slaves (fewer mostly because the Northern land availability and climate was less suited to mass slave agriculture), but also Northern shippers were frequently involved in the actual transportation of slaves until the importation of new slaves was outlawed.

We could further go on to point out how much European wealth was built on the backs of serfs, how much Muslim wealth was built on the backs of slaves of many different racial groups.... You'd be hard pressed to find any ethnicity that has not had slaves, including the Native Americans who were killing and kidnapping each other on a regular basis long before the white folk got here. As were the African tribes, for that matter.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not justifying slavery by any means. But I do get tired of Southerners getting singled out as though we were the first and only slaveholders. It's a human instititution, not a Southern one.