Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Road Trip!

So, I'll be gone until Monday morning from the blogosphere. Early Wednesday morning, I'm flying out to Florida with a friend to pick up my girl friend, MaryKate. We're moving her back to Texas. Should be fun, we'll be back Sunday night.

If you remember, pray for a safe drive on the way back.

And now for the imporant stuff:
Steelers win over Baltimore, 17-10
Arizona continues defensive domination, beats Philadelphia 34-23


Gino said...

drive safe, AND BEHAVE YOURSELF!!!!

No2Bpencil said...

Um... no?

jk, we will!

Sra. Madera said...

Go Steelers and Fighting Cardinals.
Enjoy the trip maybe you can find the games on the radio.

Jeana said...

Hey, I put a link to you on my blog. Hope you're ok with that.

Good luck on the drive! All I can say is better anyone else rather than me!

All-American Girl said...

cool beans,

you two planning on getting hitched soon?

congrats just in case :)


Robert said...

Yes. We're not really headed toward texas. We just made lyd come so she can be our witness. We're really going to Vegas to get married and then honymooning in the bahamas. We'll send Christmas cards.

All-American Girl said...

now now....

no need to make fun,

i was being slightly more serious than you...

but hey whatever works for you :)


No2Bpencil said...

That was serious?! Erk! I just turned 19, I'm not about to get married!

Solameanie said...

Here's the real truth about Robert's road trip. He's probably extended the trip until Wednesday. He really just didn't want to have to sit in front of the boob tube and watch Barack Obama sworn into the presidency, along with all the drooling and genuflecting from the media.

He, his girlfriend and road companion are listening to Ann Coulter tapes instead while in transit.

Palm boy said...

Gino, thanks. Accomplished both of those objectives.

Madera, we didn't find the games. But they are recorded.

Jeana, thank you.
Aw, its fun. You should try road tripping sometime.

AAG, loi. Not getting hitched soon. Whoever that Robert guy is answered that. I do like the bahamas.

Joel, I was in classes so I didn't get to see the Obama mania in full its hyperbolic glory, but I didn't mind.
Actually, MaryKate seems to think audio books don't count as reading. Cheating, I beleive was the phrase used when I recomended listening to a book.

Jeana said...

Hehehehe, PB has an impersonator. How cool is that?! But I am a little disappointed, I love it when people tie the knot and I had a congratulatory epistle all written up. Then something cautioned me to stay my hand, an inner voice warned me that all was not right...

And road trips are not for me. No sir! Because MaryKate is absolutely right. The only real reading is from the book, and while I can pleasurably read and ride, it's a bit harder to read and drive. And somehow I always end up with the keys. I HATE THAT!!!