Thursday, January 22, 2009


Here's what is going on, and why I haven't posted in a while.

About 20 minutes after I posted the previous announcement, I dropped my laptop and the screen broke. Now, don't mock me because it fell out of my lap while i was trying to catch a remote control for the TV, because it was very important I could press unmute to watch the Dallas Mavericks.

Road trip went very well, came back home with the ladies without a hitch. I'm also back in school this semester as well as working, so my posts may (nay, will) be more sporadic as the spring rolls in.
So, when I reclaim my piece of the computer world with a new laptop, I'll let ya'll know.

In other news, the best political T-shirt I've seen in a while crossed my radar on immaculation, er, inauguration day.
'Rosa Parks Sat so King Could Walk so Obama Could Run'


kingdavid said...

You broke a laptop so you could save the remote!!!---okay, I can see that. Reminds me of the line in Blues Brothers.

"You traded the Bluesmobile for a microphone...okay, I can see that."

Gino said...

that remote is important.
its too difficult for this current generation to get up and manually adjust the sound.
hell, they wouldnt even know how. :)

Palm boy said...

Kd, I haven't seen that movie. I should perobably fix that.

Gino, it would take forever to get from channel 4 to chanel 45 with just the tv. So the remote saves time!

kingdavid said...

You better run out right now and rent it then. I don't think you'll be able to consider yourself truly cultured until you see a Shakespeare play, read a Dumas novel, and see the Blues Brothers at least 10 times.

Palm boy said...

I've read a Dumas novel, so I've got the other two left. Blues Brothers sounds like the best of those two, a movie rental is less then a shakespere play.

Jeana said...

S-h-a-k-e-s-p-e-a-r-e! Of course, I really shouldn't be flipped out about that, seeing that the master himself spelled it approximately a hundred different ways. The days of creative spelling--they were great.

And don't listen to KD, Shakespeare is all you need. I suggest Macbeth...take Girlfriend, it'll be fun!

kingdavid said...

Which Dumas did you read? I consider the Count of Monte Cristo to be in a virtual tie as my all time favorite novel, neck and neck with Lord of the Rings.

I'm not really that versed with Shakespeare. I remember taking a Shakespeare's comedies class in high school, where we read and acted them out in class. There were only two guys in the class, so I got stuck playing the lead male character in the ones we did.

The English teacher, Ms Friberg, was a spinster who loved the boys---so the other guy and I got A's, none of the girls got an A. I also had her for mythology. Same result. I was a male carbon based life form that stayed awake in class---I definitely deserved those A's.

Palm boy said...

Jeana, Shakespeare it is. Lo siento...
Girlfriend really likes Shakspeare, its a good option to consider.

KD, that sounds like a pretty sweet set up, at least gradewise.

Jeana said...

KD was sooooo in the clover!!

Count of Monte Cristo here too, Liked it pretty well but I don't remember very much, it has been awhile. I've been really busy reading depressing Russian authors lately. Don't ask why.

Shakespeare is a passion. My favorite is Taming of the Shrew, probably because it's a manifesto against feminism. Tex and I can do several passages of Kate vs. Petruccio dialoge at the drop of a hat.

Never heard of the Blues Brothers.

Jeana said...

the Three Musketeer was confusing to me. Of course, I was only eleven when I read it. Maybe I should try it again.