Friday, May 08, 2009

Review: Star Trek

Having never seen any Star Trek movies, and my experience with any of the TV shows being limited to but a handful of random episodes, I did not know what to expect going into this movie.

What I saw was an incredible rush of Science Fiction, Space Opera, and quality action film. Woven throughout with wit and emotional firepower, it is a spectacular movie. Even when the camera work was irritating, the movie itself has the power to sweep you along into it's story, one both epic in scope and yet, personally endearing at the same time.

James T. Kirk is born into this universe as his Father captains a ship to his death, and with that over his head, the boy grows into a young man who refuses to loose. He joins Star Fleet, trains with his comrades, and then is thrown into the mix of things immediately. If Kirk is the star, Spock is his binary twin, in orbit around each other. Where Kirk relies upon the emotions and sheer will power of man, the Half-Human/Half-Vulcan Spock attempts to rely solely upon logic and rational decisions. This is what really propels the movie, and does so like a well tuned warp drive.

Incidentally, the special effects were nothing short of spectacular in every sense. Space, Space ships, land cruisers, aliens, planetary destruction... all put together with such astonishingly clarity it's difficult to comprehend without seeing. Now I want to see it all over again on digital projector.

7/10, I'm buying the DVD.


kingdavid said...

If it's anywhere near as good as Galaxy Quest, I can't wait to see it. Did you see that movie?

I grew up with the original series, and enjoyed it; but, not to a trekkie fanaticism level. I actually went on a first date one time to a Star Trek convention with a girl who was a so-so trekkie. It was the year before the Next Generation began, and that was one of the prime topics. I remember thinking, during the trivia quiz competition, that these people are freakin insane. I could not believe the kinds of questions they were answering. I swear this was one of them:

In episode #..., there is a scene where the transporter is being operated by a crewman who never appeared in any other episodes, what was his name?

And somebody got it right for cryin out loud. They're nuts.

KnightWing said...

That was beautiful to read.
I am so, so proud of you.



Palm boy said...

KD, Galaxy Quest was a brilliant movie. But not for anything like the same reasons.

This was different, and as of today, I'd say better.

Yeah.. trekkies are nuts. There were times in the movie that the trekkies in the audience would collectively giggle about lines of yore.

KW, thanks. loi.

KnightWing said...

Hey now, I was one of those collective-gigglers.


Solameanie said...

I'd love to have my very own phaser. Is that a wrong desire?

Palm boy said...

It'd be useless for hunting, but boy would it be satisfying to blow holes like that into rocks and garbage piles.