Thursday, May 21, 2009


The premise of Taken is quite simple. Dad is CIA, and divorced without custody of his daughter, who he has to watch grow up from a distance with only limited involvement. When Kim turns 17, she goes on a trip to Paris with a friend of hers, who has lied about several aspects of their prospective trip. They are both kidnapped on the first day, and shuffled into a large scale prostitution ring.
Dad goes to get his daughter back. In glorious, righteous, unpretentious fashion, he goes and gets his daughter back. The good guy is a good guy, the evil is evil, and the good guy win.

This is a one man show, with Liam Neeson turning in a wonderful performance. Acting that doesn't look like acting. The camera work is generally good, a step back from the tumultuous work of the recent Bond and Bourne movies.

7/10, I'll buy the DVD when its cheaper.


Solameanie said...

Interesting. While I admit there would be a sense of vicarious enjoyment in watching a father's revenge, I think it would be much more satisfying to watch the killer strapped into the electric chair to snap, crackle and pop.

Only I'd use one of Illinois' old chairs instead of the Texas one. Normally I'd vote for Texas or other Southern states in most things, but Illinois did build a meaner-looking chair.

Palm boy said...

Sola, you would be immensely pleased. There is a rather lengthy scene involving a metal chair, electricity and a quest for information.

And its the bad guy in the chair. :D

FAICA Soldier said...

I will admit that I was able to ignore my love of film and generally just enjoy this movie. But I can't think of this movie for a second without thinking about how utterly stupid it is. I milisecond of thought on the plot and it completely unravels. I will throw this nod to Palm boy's review, it is Neeson that holds it together and makes it possible to look past the story and just watch him beat people up. Unlike Palm though, I wouldn't care to watch it again.

Solameanie said...

I have an assignment for both of you. Watch the 1955 film called "Kiss Me Deadly."

The ending will leave you with a very sick feeling in your stomach and you'll be depressed for a week.

It's glorious.

Palm boy said...

That is not what I look for in a film!!!

Gino said...

a little behind the clock,are we.

saw this one back in febuary.

as palm boy says: great movie.
i'll be getting the dvd,too.

yeah,its me. i found a public pc in the hotel lobbey.
no blogging til i get back though.
great wedding. having a lot of fun, and some cool folks up here.

we were wishing you made it,PB.

Palm boy said...

Yeah, I'm behind. We watched it at the dollar theater.

Public PCs, eh? Be sure to log yourself out. :D

Minneapolis is a bit far for a college chap on a budget. :D Looks like ya'll are having fun though.

Solameanie said...

ROFL. Maybe not, Robert..but let me give you fair warning. Once you start watching film noirs of that time period, you'll be hooked.

Nothing is quite like the scene of a grey, foggy night, complete with a guy in a fedora and trenchcoat walking off into the fog, with police sirens wailing mournfully in the background.