Thursday, July 16, 2009

Democrat Health Care cost in NY, NY

Also an excellent representation of what this health care bill will mean to people. People who the democrats claim to help, but only punish. New York Post


Solameanie said...

And to think Harry and Louise are taking the opposite side of the tracks on this one. Doesn't that make you just want to cry?

Sra. Madera said...

Ok so Palmboy has been out of commission working two full time jobs. Too busy to post anything. So here's my two cents worth about the state run media's reporting on the recent "Mobs" at the townhall meetings.

They have reported that the "mobs" are organized and planned by the insurance companies. That the crowds show up in their Bobby Brooks clothes. That they haven't seen crowds like this since the protests in FL during the 2000 election debacle and recount.

So who are the people in the "mobs"? Middle-class young and old, fighting for their future well-being. They are most likely dressed in their Wal-mart, Target and Kohls clothes. Not ragged jeans, foul t-shirts and long greasy hair. They are stunning the nation and the media is trying to bury the truth.

So, join in the fight and make an effort to join the battle whether being present at a townhall meeting or by writing to the editors.

Go for it. Make your voice heard. But beware, your neighbor may be watching and report you to the Whitehouse via email as they have requested we do if we see someone spreading "misinformation". Beware Obama's brown shirts are watching.

They must be

Solameanie said...

I'm glad you posted the update, Sra. Medera. I was getting concerned and hoping Robert wasn't ill or something.